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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>Jacko and cow hijinks</strong>

Thursday, November 20

Jacko and cow hijinks

Just a few quick things to get out of my head so as I can concentrate on work. I really hope they find that cocksucker Micheal Jackson guilty, and if they do I hope he gets thrown into a cell with a rabid homosexual bigot with a cock that looks like a baby’s arm holding an apple. I’m just sayin is all, cause if anybody needs bending over and dry fucked up their ass, it’s that freak muthafucker. And to think when I was a fuckin kid this muthafucker was my goddamn hero because we were the same age and shit and I thought that was cooler then a muthafucker. I hope that if he’s found guilty the Man bulldozes Never Never Land, and takes the son-of-a-bitchin monkey and puts a bullet in his head. And now that I’m on a roll, what the fuck is up with the goddamned cows? I read on a friend’s site that a muthafucker can buy a special magnet that you shove down the ass end of a cow like some bigass depository, and it’s supposed to catch up all the metal and crap that a caw eats? Cause being the dumb bovine cocksuckers that they are and due to the fact that a cow will eat grass, hay, and all that good farm shit no matter if it contains nails, tacks, wire or what the fuck ever, and when they chunk down that all this nefarious shit, it tends to fuck with em. So farmer Bob will shove a giant magnet down a cow’s ass to at least keep all this crap in one place. And speaking of shoving shit up a cow’s ass, I heard from a friend that was raised around cows that every blue moon or so a cow will take such a hard shit that it literally blows its ass inside out. And that because he was a kid he had the fucked up job of shoving the cow’s ass back up inside the stinkin cow. My fuckin God! How fucked up is that? If that don’t put you off of fuckin a chick in the ass I don’t know what will. I mean goddamn, you have to gather up the cow’s ass and shove it back into the cow. And you gotta know that the stupid cow’s probably diggin on it and shit. Moo! Moo! Yeah baby moo muthafucker, moo, deeper deeper. Whilst rollin those big brown wet cow eyes back at you. Yeah muthafucker, tell that at show and tell, your fuckin job is fisting cows. You’re a goddamned fuckin cow fister. My god, I’m glad I got all that out’a my head, now I can go back to work.


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