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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>nightvison video taping sucks, I ought'a know.</strong>

Thursday, November 13

nightvison video taping sucks, I ought'a know.

So last night after my imaginary friends left, Michelle came over. She wanted to hang out and talk but since I was in the middle of watching Angel she graciously waited until the commercials came on before sayin anything. But after the show was over she wanted to show me one of the Paris Hilton video clips floating around. She hops on my computer and pulls it up and we both sit there and watch. Now here’s my take on the whole thing. If I was an heir to the Hilton hotel fortune, which the Paris chick is, and not a bad lookin piece of quim on top of that, which she is. And if I’m with some stud who happens to be the now husband of Shannon Dougherty, or Fred Durst, depending on whose story you believe, and I want to fuck the ass off this cat in one of my father’s hotels, which she did. And if I wanted to film it I will. Which she did. I think that’s ok as a muthafucker, but the clip we watched was in night vision or some such shit, which I don’t quite understand. I mean in the sense that here I am, one of the richest chicks in the fuckin world fucking my boyfriend in a room in the hotel my father owns. Why am I fucking with the stinkin lights out, especially if we’re filming the muthafucker? What? Was the bitch afraid someone was gonna catch her in the act and nark her out and shit? It’s not like she was being all quite and shit; “oh, fuck, oh god, fuck me, fuck me fuuuck meeeeeeeeeee! Ffffffffffffff fuck me in my rich asshole! No, No, I’m silly whack rich! Let me fuck you in your ass! Arughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m just sayin is all.


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