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Tuesday, December 30

the dumbassness of it all

After toolin thru the information highway this morning I am aghast with the sheer dumbassness of some of the shit I’m seeing out there. The FBI puts out a bulletin to beware of men perusing the fuckin Farmer’s Almanac because and I quote” the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning”. So I guess ole farmer Bob sittin down at the feed mill in his old 62 Chevy pickup checkin the Almanac to see if it’s a good time to plant that crop of peas he’s been a hankering to put in, is in danger of getting rousted by SWAT? What’s the world coming to when the muthafuckin Farmer’s Almanac becomes a weapon of mass destruction?

It’s like goddamn you know?

And the other day Mr. Jackson gets interviewed on 60 Minutes and shotguns himself in the mouth so bad the fuckin cat that was his “official spokesmen” bailed the fuck out. And I hear that his team of lawyer’s went out the same night and picked up some ho’s and stayed drunk for twenty-four hours. You’d think that when Michael turned white it would’a made his ass smarter. Dumbass piece of spooge, he’s about as worthless as tits on a bullfrog.

And the “What the fuck was you thinking” award goes to the asshole at Mar’s Candy USA division, the maker of M&M’s. Who came up with the promotional idea to forgo with all colored M&Ms and issue only black and white ones for the next few months. Why bring the race card into candy? Why? Oh, I can’t wait for the new commercial to come out for this one. The (BLACK) hard-shell M&M is walking thru the club, and he sees the (WHITE) soft-shell M&M in the corner who’s also sporting a dress and make-up. He runs up on her and knocks the drink out’a her hand and hollers, “Bitch better get my money”! Then Patrick Warburton steps out and eats the (Black) hard-shell pimp M&M.

And why didn’t any of you tell me that “Malcolm in the middle” was such a funny muthafucker? Last night I happened to catch the mini marathon of “Malcolm in the middle” and that was some hysterical shit. I was laughing so much I was feelin irrational.


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