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Tuesday, January 6

It’s a new sensation

Well this is day four of not smoking and the taking of the Zyban, and I can honestly say that I feel odd? Even my boss walked up this morning and commented on how pleasant and zippy I was acting today. I didn’t even realize anything was different. I do feel like my eyes are stuck wide open and I’m taking in too much oxygen though. Last night I had a dream about this beautiful tall dark haired Latino woman who danced for me all night long. I sat in the cantina watching as she danced in front of this huge fire, swaying back and forth to the hot rhythms of the band. The sweat glistened off her skin as she slowly peeled the red dress from her body to revel herself to me. Which was cool except that the women had these pussy lips (pardon my French) that covered the lower half of her body. Other then that everything was hunky-dory, except for the huge pussy lips that were flapping back and forth like the wings of a bird. For being as big as they were they were very nice lookin pussy lips, except that sitting there watching em slowly flap back and forth was sort’a freaky. It was like they were sayin “senior, senior, come play with us, drink the tequila and come play with us. We won’t hurt you senior, we love you”. The giant pussy lips were trying to entice me to come closer, but I couldn’t. I had to stay away. The dream lasted all night, until I made myself wake up cause that was the only way to stop the call of the giant pussy lips. So, I kind’a think the Zyban might be working.


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