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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>back dooring it</strong>

Friday, February 13

back dooring it

Ok, it’s Friday so that means it’s time to sweat the small stuff. Last night Michelle and I were looking at the newest Britney Spears video, and I mentioned to Michelle that I would definitely have anal sex with Britney. “I thought you wanted to have anal sex with Holly Barry”? Well yeah, cause it’s like this, if I ever get the chance to have sex with a famous person I’m gonna do my best to fuck em in the ass. And why you ask? Nothing’s simpler then the fact that they’re famous. And if I’m gonna fuck anyone in the ass it’s gonna be a famous person just because. Courtney Love I’d do in the ass, Christine Aguilera I’d do in the ass, the whole female cast of Buffy I’d do in the ass. Tina Fey would get an ass rumping; Beyonce would get a rodeo ass rumping. I know some of you out there are most likely sayin; “OH MY GOD GREG, GET OFF THE ASS THING WHY DON’T YOU”? Hey, it’s just a fantasy, like some hot famous chick’s gonna fall into my arms and beg me to take her in the ass. But it could happen.


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