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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>I’ve decided to put this up on the main page for a while, so here's 100 things about me</strong>

Thursday, February 19

I’ve decided to put this up on the main page for a while, so here's 100 things about me

1. After I wake up in the morning I lay there for at least ten minutes doin a body check. Please don’t ask me what I’m checkin for.

2. I love old musicals.

3. I’m a trivia freak. I know more about nothing then most folk.

4. At one time in my life most of my peer group was made up of pimps, ho's, and drug dealers.

5. I’ve been shot at twice.

6. I’m a decent drummer, I used to be a damn good drummer.

7. I cried when as a kid I found out that you couldn’t believe everything you read.

8. Stephen King books scare me. Horror movies scare me.

9. Just the sight of a zombie fucks me up.

10. I’m smarter then I look. I belong to at least one high IQ society.

11. Dogs and cats think I’m one of them.

12. I still miss my cat after all these years, and still can't bring myself to get another

13. I don’t like talkin on the phone cause my attention starts to wonder.

14. I once sponsored a girl’s softball team.

15. When I was in high school I was a cheerleader for the girl’s volleyball team. The cheerleaders also got to rub the girls down before and after the game.

16. I have a serious problem remembering names. But I can recognize a person two hundred feet away by the way they walk

17. The dumbest thing I’ve ever done was to sell my house.

18. I hate high fives, and I rather see a woman pick up dimes with her ass cheeks then do a high five.

19. Just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood.

20. I find happy people off-putting.

21. I started bouncing in bars to prove to myself that I was a tough as my father.

22. I’ve been in over seven thousand violent incidents where serious physicality was involved whilst workin in bars over a twenty-year period. I still feel bad about people I’ve hurt in bars.

23. I hate boxing because I know what it takes to knock another person out.

24. I hate seeing people hurting themselves.

25. I was once accused of being a warlock.

26. I’ve been accused of being a nark

27. I almost became a pro wrestler in the eighties.

28. I once jumped off a second story balcony to see what it felt like.

29. Heights scare the shit out of me. I hate being up high cause I always think about jumping.

30. First time I ever got a blowjob I got punched in the nutsac. That’s what I got for laughing. (It tickled)

31. The happiest I’ve ever been was playing drums in a band

32. The first breast I ever saw was on Monty Python’s Flying Circes. I’ve worked hard ever since to see more.

33. I’m shy

34. I very seldom lie. And if I do it’s only to keep people from being hurt.

35. I’m insanely trustworthy.

36. They wouldn’t let me in the Cub Scouts as a kid because I was Black.

37. I’ve been accused of being an actor in porn movies.

38. When I eat apples, I eat em core and all. It took me years to find out that everybody else doesn’t.

39. I can sneeze with my eye’s open. (try it)

40. I once hit a man so hard he peed himself. That was some funny shit.

41. I’ve never broken a bone.

42. I once took a beer bottle thru the right eye that took over ninety stitches to fix.

43. I understand most shit. I really do.

44. I’ve been to the other side.

45. I’m the only person I know that’s ever hit another person with another person.

46. My best friend is a woman 17 years my junior

47. Between the ages of 21 and 22, I tried every drug known to man. And a few that weren’t.

48. I once threw my older brother thru the windshield of a titty pink 56 Caddy.

49. People that talk to me on the phone find it hard to believe I’m black.

50. I never judge.

51. Women tend to be very protective toward me.

52. I can’t play any card games.

53. If I talk to you, I like you. And yes, it’s that simple.

54. I think I’ve been clinically depressed for years.

55. I actually like the taste of whiskey.

56. I love what I do

57. Pain is part of my everyday life

58. I’ll usually do the right thing

59. I have very high morels.

60. Rest assured that my everyday stress level is a lot higher then yours.

61. I have to sit where I can watch the doors

62. When people stand directly behind me it makes me crazy.

63. I’ve gotten so angry before that I’ve actually shifted my ribcage out of place

64. Some days I just don’t give a fuck

65. I’m stubborn to a fault

66. I’m a lost romantic

67. I really do care

68. If I could teach my fellow Black man only one thing, it would be to abolish the word Nigger from his vocabulary.

69. I enjoy the little things

70. I’ve yet to see a “cute” newborn baby, and I know I’m not the only one.

71. I believe in love at first sight

72. I’ll take one for the team

73. What I think is sexy ain’t always going to be what you think is sexy

74. “It’s” out there

75. I’ve been told I’m on the FBI’s watch list

76. If five guys tell you they’re tough guy’s, four are lying.

77. I’ve worked as an actor

78. I’ve worked as a model

79. I'm scared of bears cause somewhere out there I know there's a bear with my name on it.

80. I’m pretty sure I’m mentally unstable. But if you know you're ubstable, does that mean you're still unstable?

81. I like to think of myself as ruggedly handsome

82. Years ago a physiatrist suggested I start wearing bright shirts to offset my negative image

83. I hate shopping malls

84. Except for the “fit” factor, I actually like being a big guy

85. I love being bald, plus it was my mother's idea

86. Ten year old boy’s probably have more body hair then I do

87. I miss the day's when a condom was just an after-thought

88. I once worked as a fashion photographer

89. Women tend to trust me right off the bat

90. I built my own computer

91. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for nurses and strippers

92. I run into people all the time that insist that I’ve saved their lives at one time or other, but I’ll be damned if I can remember any of it.

93. I believe in ghosts

94. I’ve seen ghosts

95. I’ve been felt up by a ghost

96. The worlds too big not to believe

97. I’ve worn pantyhose.

98. I enjoy driving the speed limit

99. I masturbate on a daily basis no matter if I need too or not.

100. I don't suffer fools lightly


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