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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>Lets see how much sense I make here, if any. </strong>

Monday, February 9

Lets see how much sense I make here, if any.

It seems to me that for the past few years there’s been this little censorship guerrilla war going on in the background. On the artist side you have muthafucker’s wanting to push the envelope in the name of their craft. And on the other side you have the big three networks trying to keep everything under wraps so to say, without giving up too much to the cable industry. And the big three in order not to lose ground will from time to time let the artist side have their way. A good example is when one of the networks aired “Saving Private Ryan” complete and uncut. Their reasoning was that it was too powerful a film to chop up and edit. But rest assured that if shit had gone south on em, they would have recanted everything and there’d be a shitload of new muthafucker’s on the unemployment line. Do you really believe that every edgy thing you see on network TV is happenstance? Fuck no.

It’s all part of a calculated plan by the networks to grab some of cables thunder. Believe me when I say that every bared ass or cleavage shot shown on network TV has been put under a microscope by committees and sub-committees full of scads of network muthafucker’s just to see if it’ll fly, because they know that bad language or tits and ass equal ratings. Its all part of the big ratings plan, but now shit’s done switched up on a muthafucker and shit, cause with the Superbowl titty incident, they’ve done gone and shot themselves in the fuckin foot. First off it wasn’t common knowledge that CBS and MTV were owned by the same corporation. Or that CBS had enlisted the services of its dope-smoking cousins to put together the Superbowl show. So it doesn’t take that big a stretch to understand how easy it was to say yes when MTV approached CBS with the idea of the Superbowl titty flash.

“ Hey cous, listen up yo. We gots this Jackson chick with this new joint droppin in a few, and the bitch be willin to flash for the cash to get her shit over. Yo. So the plan is to have the crazy white boy pop the bitch’s titty out during their halftime thang, and BAM! BABY! Muthafucker’s be losing their goddamned minds and rating will be whack yo! Cough, shit, pass that joint back over”. But instead of it being the titty that rocked the Superbowl, it got all fucked up and shit, and now the entertainment industry is under the microscope and everybody’s panties are all in a bunch. And instead of being a background thing out’a sight to most of us, the censorship war is out there for all to see and hear.

You got the networks backpedaling and sayin that it’s not their fault, and they’re trying to censor everything they can. You got entertainer’s all of a sudden covering up their titties and putting on pants. Everybody is giving everybody else the hard stare whilst waiting for the other shoe to drop. And way the fuck over here you got the cable industry staying all low and shit cause they’re thinking that they should be in the clear cause since muthafucker’s pay for their shit they can show any fuckin thing they want, right? And don’t even get me started on the bible thumpers and what they’re thinking. Cause you know that if it was up to them all we’d see on the TV and shit would be fuckin Patty Duke and the stinkin PTL Club. And because all this happened during the Presidential Primaries every fuckin swingin six is going to be pushing censorship and cleaner living as part of their campaign. Instead of Dean screaming like a raped moose, he’ll be screaming about how America doesn’t need bare tits to survive. And the sad thing about this whole blown out of proportion piece of shit? Is that America will be in danger of becoming a censored society. It’ll start with the TV, then music. After that it’ll move over to the literary field, and you’ll see book burnings. The schools will turn into breeding grounds for the new censorship Nazis. America will turn into a land of Puritans, and even the Amish will feel ashamed for their newly pussiefied big city brethren. All because a woman who listened to the wrong advice and popped a titty to get her album over.


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