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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>sing it with me</strong> <strong>or just hum along if you don't know the words</strong>

Friday, February 6

sing it with me or just hum along if you don't know the words

In the grander scheme of things nothing amounts to anything cause it‘s just a tit.

In all the crap that wrong with society, it’s just a tit.

Some are perky some are big; some are tiny and small, not very big. It’s just a tit

Some are even tattooed and pierced; it’s still just a tit

Your moms has em, and grandma does too, it’s just a tit

You can lick em, pinch em, and squeeze em a lot. It’s just a tit

You can smack em around and hang shit from the tip. Rub em down with oil and shine em up a bit. Damn, I’m letting too much slip. Anyway, it’s just a tit

They fed you when you was a youngun, it’s just a tit

We all wanna see em, don’t call me a lie, cause if you’re like me, you try and try and try. It’s just a tit

They’ve started wars and fist fights and made millions of men cry. It’s just a tit

A breast is just a titty, and a titty is just a tit.

A tit can break the bank or cause nations to fail. A tit can land its owner in all kinds of hell. It’s just a tit

Tits can make money as well as take it away. Tits have paid for college, cause we all know tuition is hell. It’s just a tit

So the timing was bad, we all know that’s a fact. But lets not call a session of congress over a silly act. It’s just a tit

Janet is sorry, yeah, that her titty action backfired. But it sure beats seeing Michael’s cock, cause like damn, he is a retard. And remember, in all that could be wrong, it just a tit.


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