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Friday, February 20

small stuff

Awkward moment of the week came when I’m at the Hurricane sitting on the couch talking to Mito when suddenly there’s a commotion to my right. I turn to take a look and I see three or four people fumbling with their camera phones. They’re fighting to be the first in line to get off a picture of Mullet Man standing at the bar in front of us. Then to my dismay they all get up and take turns snapping pictures of each other posing next to Mullet Man, whose oblivious to all the excitement he’s causing. I’m staring in choked amazement thinking that this muthafucker gonna go off any second now. But when he does turn around, it’s to check himself out in the mirror. Damn.

Anger moment of the week happened yesterday, which was my first day back to work this week since I came down with this fuckin virus. I’m doing shit when suddenly I break into this serious feverish sweat. So I go into the visiting nurse’s office and ask her to take my temperature to see if I’m running a fever. She sits there and looks at me and tells me that she doesn’t have a thermometer in her medical bag. I stand there dumbfounded thinking what kind of fucking nurse is this that doesn’t carry a fuckin thermometer on her? Then that’s when I realize that I’ve done that Homer Simpson thing and voiced my inner monologue out loud. Goddammit!

The other night me and Michelle were eating Taco Bell and watching the movie “Soldier” staring Kurt Russell. We both come to the agreement that Kurt’s one of our favorite actors around, and that’s it’s too bad he’s so overlooked. Take for instance the movie Soldier, in it he speaks less then fifty words but conveys a wealth of emotion thru his facial expressions. And don’t even get me started on “Big trouble in Little China”. He fuckin rocked with his cock out in that movie. Plus who can forget Tango and Cash, and the comedy classic he did with his wife Goldie Hawn, “Overboard”. Plus Kurt’s one cat you never seem to hear any bad bullshit about.


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