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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>Dead (wood) dick?</strong>

Friday, March 26

Dead (wood) dick?

The other night Michelle and I watched that new HBO series “Deadwood”, and as a long time fan of the Western since childbirth, I was very impressed. My father got me started on Western’s when I was just knee high to a bug’s tit. So I count myself as somewhat of a freak when it comes to Western’s. Not in a I know every fuckin historical detail of the Ole West cause that would just be gay. But as a person who has seen more then his or your share of Westerns, and knows a dry gulch from a Colt, if you know what I’m sayin. So I loved the way Deadwood looked in the series, all dark and dingy and shit, cause the real west wasn’t the west of Gary Cooper or John Wayne. But dirty and muddy, with maybe a boardwalk here and there and horse shit and open sewers everywhere. Where the whores bathed in a bucket of dirty water before they fucked their next customer. Taking a bath once a week was for the well off whilst the rest just waited till it rained or happened to fall whilst crossing the creek. What did surprise me was the free reign HBO gave with the language. Fuck, I thought I drove shit into the ground, I never heard more ways to use cocksucker in a sentence. But it all made for a great show. The only thing I thought it missed was Black folk, cause the black cowboy was all over the ole west in the late eighteen hundreds. Like Nate Love, the great black gunslinger, who went by the name Deadwood Dick. This muthafucker ran with Wild Bill Hickcock plus as the story goes it was Calamity Jane who gave him the nickname Deadwood. Though if the truth be known, no one was sure if he was called Deadwood was because he hung out in the town of Deadwood, or during a bout of drunken sex with Calamity Jane he couldn’t get it up. Though from all that I've read, to fuck Calamity Jane you had better be a bad ass muthafucker


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