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Thursday, March 11

dumb dumber dumbass

The “I’m too stupid to fuck” quote of the week.

"You can't keep up with the U.S. Treasury,"

This came care of Alice Pike, the extremely stupid bitch that tried to pass a “fake” million-dollar bill at the fuckin Wal-Mart down in Georgia.

For some reason the more I read about this and the more I look at the picture of this chick, the angrier I get. How fuckin ball-sweat dumb can a muthafucker get? As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even waste jail time on little Miss dumbass. I’d march her down to whatever local cable access channel there is in her town. Then I’d sit her ass down in front of the cameras and after shaving her hair off, I’d write in red paint on her forehead, “stupid bitch”. Then I’d proceed to have a public peeing. Yeah, for the next two hours, live on cable, come on down to the TV station and pee on the silly bitch who thought she could cash a one million dollar bill at the fuckin goddamned Wal-Mart.
"I wasn't trying to pass off the bill, that's ridiculous. I thought it was real”.

Damn, if I ever get that stupid you muthafucker’s have my blessing to push me off the cliff.


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