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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>fuck me running</strong>

Friday, March 19

fuck me running

Big hoity-toity quote of the week.

"The 'F-word' is one of the most vulgar, graphic and explicit descriptions of sexual activity in the English language."
The Federal Communications Commission

Well, isn’t that special, war has been declared against the word “fuck”. Apparently the FCC has decided in its all-knowing wisdom that the word fuck is the axis of all evil. Now I’ll be the first to admit that fuck has its proper time and place. You just can’t dilly-dally around and throw a fuck out anywhere, if nothing else for the simple reason that overuse lessens its impact. And I know, I know, I’m a victim of my own crime. I’m the worst offender when it comes to fuck. I’m throwing fuck out like condoms in a whorehouse, fuck this, fuck that, fuck you, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. But then again I’m not in the spotlight am I? Which if you’re on the TV or the radio and happen to say fuck, and somebody’s pussie narks you out, the FCC’s gonna want to fuck you to the tune of almost half a mil. Then you are fucked. All fucked in the ass without a by your leave or the consideration of a goddamn reach-around. Personally I like the word fuck, say it with me. “Fuck”. See how it rolls off the tongue? Like a little flower it does, like a raindrop falling from the leaves. Wouldn’t it be something if during the Presidential debates they were allowed to take the gloves off and use fuck as they pleased. I’d love to see whoever mediates this kind of shit tell both parties to step back and shut the fuck up when they get out of line. Or Kerry tell Bush to go fuck himself. And of course Bush would fire back that the only one getting fucked here is the American people, and Kerry would go "you got that right".


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