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Sunday, March 7

I'm right!

Don’t even ask me how we got to this point cause it’s not what’s important now. But Michelle and I got into this argument over the issue of grandparent’s. Basically it went like this.

Me, “blah, blah, blah, ………blah, blah, if a person’s lucky they have two sets of grandparents.
Michelle, “what do you mean by that? Everybody has two sets of grandparents”.
Me, “no, some people only have one set”.
Michelle, “no, every person has two sets of grandparents when they’re born”.
Me, “bullshit, not all the time, there’s the single parent issue and all that.
Michelle, “you’re being difficult”.

She told me I’m thinkin from an emotional level and not realistically. I told her that the librarian in her has skewed up her way of thinking and she’s not seeing shit clearly, and that because I’m older and wiser, I’m right.
So what say you to this argument, silly as it may be?


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