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Monday, March 22

my honey do list

I think its time to start driving my truck again. I told myself if no one ponyed up any money this winter I’d keep the muthafucker and start working on it. Here’s the list I came up with.

1. I need to get the charging system in working order.
2. A good deep cleaning
3. Do some bodywork.
4. It needs a new floor pan.
5. I want to have someone bend up a new 3-inch exhaust for it, maybe headers too.
6. Replace or repair the rear cover for the bed.
7. Put a working stereo in the damn thing.
8. Have another shift kit put in. I can’t believe how much I miss it since I had the transmission rebuilt.
9. I might as well relocate the battery
10. It wouldn’t kill me to replace the rear drum brakes with discs.
11. An electric fuel pump wouldn’t hurt either.
12. Dump the rear air shocks for something a bit more workable
13. I’d love to put an air bag suspension on it and loose the leaf springs and coils. even though it's already been dropped 4 inches. It would be too cool to be able to sit that muthafucker in the dirt.
14. Replace its current small block with a big block crate motor.

Hmmm, except for 10,12, 13, and 14, and learning how to use a plasma torch for 3 and 4, everything seems doable. But mainly I just need to get it re-tagged and just drive the muthafucker. I owe it at least that much.


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