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Wednesday, March 3


A multimillion dollar court case over a goofy red costume is raging between Western Kentucky University and Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi's media empire. The school argues that a hit satirical news show in Italy ripped off its bubbly sports mascot Big Red and turned it into a character called Gabibbo. The Italians; “fucker della madre! Once again the stinkin Americans are trying to run roughshod over our national interests. They’ll never get away with this injustice!”

Leo Damerini, a spokesman for Striscia la Notizia, says Gabibbo was trademarked in Italy in 1990, and claims Western Kentucky didn't do so for Big Red until 1991. The Italians; “andate avanti maiale stinky, leccate le mie sfere! See, See, I told you! The fuckin Americans can blow me!”

He has a harder time explaining why show creator Antonio Ricci said in a 1991 interview that he copied Gabibbo from Western Kentucky. The Italians; “figlio di una femmina! what”?

Ricci told Novella 2000 magazine: "There was this puppet called Big Red who was the mascot of an American basketball team. The team is Western Kentucky University. It plays in minor tournaments, but the puppet was cute." The Italians; “Orinerò in womb della sua madre! no he did not just fuckin say that shit”!

He added: "Big Red became Gabibbo." The Italians; “Goddammit shut up”!

Damerini argued that Ricci was joking. "It wasn't an admission," he said. The Italians; merda, penso più meglio a qualche cosa di cute per dire. “did I say how much I loved America”?


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