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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>zombies still fuck me up</strong>

Friday, March 12

zombies still fuck me up

It’s Friday so it’s time to sweat the small stuff

Last night watching TV I saw the commercial for the new “Dawn of the dead” movie. Needless to say the fuckin commercial had zombies in it and as soon as I went to bed I started dreaming about fuckin zombies. And now everywhere I look I’m visualizing zombies all over the place. Muthafucker’s may think I’m kidding but when I say that zombies fuck me up that bad, they fuck me up “that” bad. The only other thing that scares me almost as bad are bears in the woods. No, that’s not even close, cause I can handle bears on the TV, and even bears in the zoo, but zombies I can’t handle at all in any form. But now that I’m thinking about it, maybe what I need to do is face my fear of zombie’s head on. Maybe what I need is some sort of zombie intervention. Maybe what I need to do is rent every stinkin zombie movie I can find, and subject myself to hours of nothing but watching the undead, rotting, brain eating fucks shuffle across my TV screen. But then again what if that backfired? Oh my God! I could be ruined for the rest of my life? No really, think about it. What if watching hours and hours of zombie movies pushed me over the edge? Could you imagine what would be like? I’d load up every weapon I got and board up all the windows. But only after I had rushed to the store to stock up on Dr. Pepper and Ho Ho’s and shit. Michelle would come over to hang out and instead of seeing my hot lookin best friend, I’d see a chick zombie with big tits sitting on my couch waiting for me to drop my guard so she could eat my brains, and I’d have to cut her head off. Well hopefully after her clothes had rotted off cause its big tits and all. But do you see what I’m fuckin sayin here? I’d go over the edge and start killing every muthafucker in sight because in my head, they’re all fuckin zombies. Goddammit, maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea at all.


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