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Tuesday, April 6

be careful of whom you blog

The fucking seasonal time change is fucking with my good nature as in it’s got me all off kilter as fuck. The fuck fuckity fuck fuck!
Yesterday afternoon at the Hurricane I ran into one of my fellow bloggers whose blog deals with his job as a hotel clerk. He never mentions the name of his employer, his coworker’s, any of the hotels cliental, or even where in town the hotel is located or its name. He mainly addresses issues that personally concern him as a desk clerk. He’s gets what a blogs all about and uses it to blow off steam and stress, but does it without hurting anyone or pointing fingers. But he still got fired and his employer says it was due to the content of his blog. Which is bullshit.

And then I know of a cat that’s going thru a really fucked up divorce, and he has a blog where he blasts his soon to be ex-wife quite a bit. Now it turns out that his blog is being used as evidence against him in divorce court. And lets not even hit on all the muthafucker’s out there with blogs who tend to mention that their spouse has a tiny cock and can’t get it up or that their spouse has bedwetting issues when she drinks. Or even that they got higher then a kite at a party last night and took it in the ass for the team. And then these same muthafucker’s get all bent up when their spouses or coworker’s or parents stumble upon their blogsite. All this goes to show that writing on a blogsite carries some responsibility, and if you don’t want to get burnt, then be careful who you burn. Cause even though there are a assload of muthafucker’s out there you might feel like talking about cause they’re perpetrating little fey cocksuckers who tend to grab on to your very last nerve, and nothing would make you happier then to front on em and out em to the whole fuckin world. But you can’t because it’s a wheels within wheels kind of thing and breaking the better part of your left foot off in their asses would bring grief and stress to innocent people who’d be caught in the shotgun blast of your righteous anger. So to avoid all the fucking tears you omit talking bullshit on em from your site. Plus the fact that I’m a nice guy and can’t be getting all ole school and pimp slappin every little bitch that gets on my bad side. Yo

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