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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>the prime directive stopped at Kirk's zipper</strong>

Monday, April 19

the prime directive stopped at Kirk's zipper

Last night whilst enjoying a fine repast consisting of three kinds of(her idea, I wanted to cook something healthy)pizza and vanilla ice cream with chocolate(lite, mind you)syrup. Michelle and I watched this movie called “Trekkies”. It turned out to be a documentary that dealt with the huge subculture that would be the Star Trek fan. I was really impressed with how the movie dealt so respectfully with its subject matter, because I don’t think I could. It was a full-length movie featuring interviews with all the various Star Trek actors and quite a few of their fans, who were some over the top muthafucker’s. Especially the chick they called the Commander. She was the same chick whom a few years ago insisted on fulfilling her hometown jury duty obligations wearing a full-on Star Trek uniform. (rent the muthafucker, you’ll see what the fuck I mean)There was also this kid who took the term nerd to all new heights of fuckupness. But whom Michelle told me won out in the end because his Star trek nerdieness led him to a job doing computer graphics for the Battlestar Galactica series. She also pointed out a couple of guy’s, wondering if a real live woman had ever touched their dicks. Now I thought she was being a bit harsh till they showed a bunch of Trekkies at this large barbeque. One of the guys was talking about how the annual barbeque had grown by leaps and bounds. And he went on to make a special point of telling how even a “girl” had shown up one year. I bet that bitch was popular. Pick it up and check it out, it’s a good movie and they treat the Klingion talking pointy eared bastards with the utmost respect. Plus it’s like the one guy who put it in the proper perspective. This cat said something to the effect of how a sports fan can wear his team’s jersey and colors. Have a complete room in his house dedicated to this team. Watch every game live or on the fuckin TV. Name his kid after Brett Farb or Montana. Know every fuckin factoid about the team and all the other teams, and people see that as normal behavior. But walk into the local stab and grab wearin your Star Trek jammies, and muthafucker’s will point and mock all night long. Just sayin is all. says, "and the monkey flipped the switch"


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