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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>training day</strong>

Thursday, April 29

training day

Wrong place, wrong time quote of the week.

“During the Forth of July we’d all stand around and watch my sister who had MS try to get out of the way of the fire crackers thrown at her”.

This was a comment thrown out by a fellow EEO counselor during a training session this week in Washington. In case you don’t know, EEO stands for Equal Employment Opportunity. And EEO counselors are the folks who deal with discrimination in the workplace at an informal level and try to fix shit before it gets to the point of litigation.
So it goes without saying that the comment fell on the wrong ears, especially being that three of the counselors in the room were handicapped in one form or another. Not the brightest thing to say and I’m just so fucking happy it wasn’t me sayin it.

I’ve been in our nation’s capital for the past few days going thru my yearly EEO counselor refresher training. I’ve been in the Washington area more then a few times, Mount Weather, Emmittsburg, but this was my first time getting to hang out in the District of Columbia. I stayed in a small hotel just down the street from FEMA headquarters, and across the street from the Library of Congress. I flew in to Ronald Regan airport and from there caught a cab to the hotel which although small, was very nice and shit. Would you believe that it rained all the time I was there? The fucking temperature was all over the map, anywhere from the high sixties to the low forties. Fucking east coast weather and me with no jacket or umbrella. I really didn’t want to go cause it was like the fuck? Two days dedicated to hanging out in airports for one day of training? But the Man put his foot in my ass and told me to quit bitchin and get on with it, so I had too. Our training session was held in this place down the block called the Capital Club. Very nice fuckin place but it was full of nothing but Capital Hill types in dark suits and coiffed hair. There were even little kids with their parents dressed like that. Very surreal scene if you were to ask me. But the girl watching was something obscene, I don’t think from the time I hit the District I saw a woman of questionable looks. Every chick I saw was fine, fit and racked. I figured it must be part of the hiring process. You know, not hiring ugly chicks. I also made mention of all the people that walked in the rain, cause when it rained the foot traffic never let up. When I said that I was asked don’t people in Kansas City walk in the rain? Yeah, if you’re young, old, or a freak. I did get to see my brother and his girl whilst I was there. After my training was done and he got off work, he came by the hotel and picked me up to take me by the house. On the way to his place I happened to look over at this car next to us and inside was this young black cat sporting cornrows, eating from a full plate of spaghetti. I should mention that whilst eating his plate of spaghetti he was driving in rush hour traffic, balancing the plate in the hand he was steering with, while holding the fork in the hand he was shifting his POS (piece of shit) with. You just can’t get more get-toe then that. Once over my brother’s house I sat down and spent some time with him and Margaret, his better half. They’re the proud owner’s of this huge colonial sitting on about three acres of land. Very very nice. I told em both that they should be very proud of themselves. I did of course take the time out to lecture the both of them on my fear of bears. You know with the rear of the house facing all this wooded acreage and shit, I felt they needed to know. About bears and shit. says, "and the monkey flipped the switch"


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