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Friday, April 23


Just because this is my blogsite and because I fuckin can, I’m gonna get a few things off my mind. Last week a very close friend of mine went thru some bad shit, it affected her in a very negative way, and affected me because it just did. Simple as that. So instead of sitting around and letting sleeping dogs lie, I decided to kick the pooch and make my mind known. I did it in a way that wasn’t negative, condescending, nor did I point any fingers. I just let it be known that I wasn’t happy with the way shit went down and that the people involved might want to take another look at what they did and maybe reevaluate their decision. And even though it might have been over the top, I asked others who might care to follow suit. Well we made our effort and nothing came of it. That’s fine, I did what could be done at a grassroots level and I felt ok about my actions. Life goes on and that’s that. But what’s chapping my ass is since then I’ve been chastised and told what I involved myself in was none of my business. Fuck it, that’s fine too, cause to be truthful it wasn’t none of my fuckin business, but I did what I did because all involved are friends of mine and I thought I might make a difference. But when I’m in the same room with one of the principals involved and that person makes a pointed effort to ignore me, talk to people on either side of me, refuse to make eye contact with me, and treat me like I’m so sort of fuckin pauper, then they can go fuck off. You know, I’ve never expected any of my friends to meet my standards. I’ve never asked my friends to do for me what I would do for them. Hell, I’ve never even asked my friends to make an effort to understand me. All I’ve ever asked is that they meet me halfway and life will do the rest. I’ll never be the belle of the ball, nor do I ever want to be. I’ve seen things and done things that would make a lot of my friends cringe. At times I play too hard and say the wrongs things around my friends. I can be crude, rude, and a bit socially inept. It’s even fair to say that I’m an unsociable black bastard. But the one thing I’m not is a fair-weather friend. Which means when I see something wrong affecting one of my friends, I at least have the fuckin balls between my legs to stand up and call bullshit for what it is. And if you look at me and think you see a pussie, then you better step up and see if you can wipe that muthafucker from front to back. says, "and the monkey flipped the switch"


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