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Friday, May 7


A Rumsfeld aide had earlier said on condition of anonymity that he (Rumsfeld) would apologize to Congress for not keeping them in the loop. Rumsfeld did not, however, offer a direct apology, instead saying that "I wish we had known more sooner, and could tell you more sooner." He didn't know more himself, Rumsfeld said, because the investigation hadn't been completed and it was just one of hundreds going on at any given time in the military.

What an arrogant son-of-a-bitch, to say in front of Congress that he wasn't aware of what the fuck was going on because the prisoner abuse was just one of hundreds of investigations going on is pure unadulterated bullshit. He gets sitreps every morning across his desk detailing what's going on. He has muthafucker's whose sole lot in life is to make sure he's kept in the loop on shit. Cause the last thing you want is the fuckin boss waking up to one of those what the fuck television broadcasts. Which is exactly what happened to Bush. Which is why Rumsfeld is getting fisted and all kinds of feet broke off in his narrow ass. He embarrassed the fuckin boss. When the president of the United States of America's ratty little mug is broadcast across the world to every muthafucker with a TV, apologizing for what turns out to be someone else's fuckup. And during reelection time? Somebody's getting their ass handed to em. But once again it's during Bush's watch that America's been caught with it's cock out pissing into the wind. I know that at least for me, I was raised believing that there was certain shit that America didn't do. Shit that all the other muthafucker's did, but not America because it's just not our deal. But I'm not gonna sit here all namby-pamby with my head in the sand thinking that America never brought on the under the table evil, because I know better. But goddamn it, pictures and video all over the fuckin CNN? What ever happened to being stealthy, not some bitch on the TV holding muthafucker's by a leash and mocking their cocks and shit. That's just pure old school here come the Huns, dur fuhrer, good old boy down south shit, except that every muthafucker has a camera phone or a digital camera off in his or her pocket. Busted.
I don't know, I sure as fuck don't know the questions or the cure. But if America really wanted a reason to unite every Arab man, woman and child against us, this sure fuckin cuts the cake. says, "and the monkey flipped the switch"


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