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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>dread-heads & Martians</strong>

Wednesday, May 12

dread-heads & Martians

Quote of the week.
“Hey, you want a potato”?

Monday after work I went up to the laundry mat to wash all my shit, and after putting everything in the washers I went outside to sit on the bench and people watch. Shortly after I sat down Michelle showed up to keep me company. Cause as you know, washing your underwear and shit can be damn lonely work. We’re sitting there and this dread-head cat walks up to us and asks us do we know where he can score some ecstasy. I tell the muthafucker that since we don’t do ecstasy we don’t know where to buy it. And I don’t know wither it was the combination of Michelle’s stare or the bass in my voice, but he then declared that he doesn’t do it either, he just wants to know who’s selling it. He rambles off down the parking lot and we sit there talking as I watch him hit up everybody walking out of the liquor store. After a few minutes we decide to go inside and see if my clothes are done and as we leave the bench to head in there’s dread-head standing in our path dipping into this huge grocery bag. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a fucking potato and asks us if we want one. I tell em no and as we walk past he’s eyeballing Michelle and when I turn around to see what his deal is, he asks me if she’s my woman. I tell em she sure is as he starts mumbling something about having pimp in his blood as he walks off. After throwing my shit in the dryers we walked next door to check out the new head shop/clothing store/skate shop, tattoo shop. I was in there last week looking around and I wanted to show Michelle this really cool fake cat made out of rabbit fur I was thinking of buying. I’m not ready for another real kitty but a fake or stuffed one would suit me just fine.

I see in the new that Mexico’s releasing video of some UFO’s that were tracked by their military. It seems that the Mexican Air force was out and about lookin for smugglers when their radar picked something up. The “up” turned out to be a bunch of glowing lights that they began chasing. Then after a while it became the glowing lights turn to do the chasing. Anybody that follows this kind of shit will tell you that for years Mexico’s been a virtual hotbed of UFO activity and shit. Maybe they like the water.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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