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Monday, May 17

Monday bullshit

I didn’t do shit this weekend except work on this goddamned page. I’ve wanted to change the way my shit looked for a long time now, and decided this was the weekend to do it. So after looking around I found a nice template I liked, but once I loaded it in, it wouldn’t format right. But after some help from one of my internet friends (thank you) I figured out what to do. Then I fucked with it some more so as to fit all my links and other shit into it. I started working on it Saturday afternoon and I finally achieved the look I (think) wanted sometime Sunday morning. Fuckin crap like this makes me admire muthafuckers to whom HTML code is like a second language. I did stop long enough Saturday night to watch a rented movie. It was “Scary Movie 3” and it flat out sucked. For one Charlie Sheen is such a little bitch it ain’t even funny, and he deadens me to anything he’s in. Did you know that Charlie’s Latino? His real name is Carlos Estevez; and his father Martin’s real name is Ramon Estevez. Hell, the only member of the family that insists on using their Latino name is that crazy muthafucker Emilio. Anyway the movie was a huge disappointment except for the first ten minutes or so. That part seemed like it was written by a totally different person, because Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy came off as pretty cleaver and funny. Too bad whoever wrote that part quite or died before they could write the rest of the fuckin movie.

I read somewhere about this gas station in New York state, whose pumps caught on fire. ExxonMobile Corp and others are calling it a freak fire and blaming it on a cell phone?
First off, what the fuck is a freak fire. I can’t stand muthafucker’s who just because they can’t rationalize shit, use that term. Oh my god, such a fuckin tragedy. It was a freak fire, or a freak accident; or he’s a freak of nature. Moronic fucks. And secondly, I don’t think cell phones spark. They may get warm, but they don’t have the mechanism to produce a spark. Unless you’re one of those fey little muthafucker’s who sporting the uber hip flip phone made out of metal. And if you are, that’s really gay and you deserve to burn to death.
Whilst chuckling to myself after visualizing some prancy fuck in a too shiny shirt and leather pants going foomph at the gas pumps, I came upon another story that caught my interest. This little 13 year old was sent home from graduation ceremonies at her Catholic school due to the fact that her dress was deemed too revealing. What the fuck I thought, too revealing? What the fucks up with that shit? Well it seems that the little 13 year-old Catholic schoolgirl has titties. Yes, I said titties, titties large enough to form cleavage. And apparently cleavage is a big no no for little catholic schoolgirls to have, and they gets told to get the fuck out and go home. Ok, I thought at first I might give the muthafucker’s this one. But then I saw a picture of the little girl in her dress, and it was like; oh those stinkin evil cocksuckers, what cleavage? I thought it was a very nice dress, and as a matter of fact that’s her at the top of the post. The little girl can’t help the fact she has a rack at such a young age. Even though her father probably gets the fuckin shakes every time she leaves the house, those titties aren’t her fault. It’s not like she snuck into her mom’s room before school and went; “I’m gonna put these huge titties on and wear em to school”. The bottom line is, here’s another preteen getting their psyche slammed by some evil bastard of an authority figure. She’s being told that her body is not suitable for public viewing and to run home and hide. What a way to mind-fuck a young girl. Pious self-righteous fuck-hole short-bus bitches.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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I absolutely, positively, could NOT have said it better myself. You ROCK.

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