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Monday, May 10

no you didn't?

Goddammit! Blogger has changed their whole format and for some reason now, my fuckin site is coming up ass ass-backwards and shit. What a way to start off a fuckin Monday, plus throw in that it’s raining like a bitch and I got wet this morning at the bus stop. I swear if I had a brick I would’a thrown it. It’s raining it muthafuckin ass off and I’m standing inside the bus stop snug as a bug in a rug. When about fifty feet away I see this fuckin SUV pull into the curb lane where all the fuckin water’s flowing. Some cell phone talkin, gum-chewing hags driving, not paying attention to anyone that might be up on the sidewalk. The tires on her SUV’s throwing up water like a fuckin semi truck and she’s getting closer and closer. If the bitch would slow down to a decent pace it wouldn’t be so bad, but no, the little blond cum-catcher decides she wants to floor it. I’m standing there watching this giant spray of water get closer and closer, and I gots nowhere to go. Outside the bus stop it’s still raining all kinds off ass so if I leave the bus stop I’ll get soaked, and if I stay inside I’ll get soaked. So I squeeze my fat ass into the far corner of the bus stop hoping to avoid the worst of the spray but that shit gets me all the way up to my fuckin belt line. Dammit! Inconsiderate fat bitch! Fuck people who do that shit. At least if I’m stuck in the inside lane when it’s all raining and shit, I at least have the common sense to slow down so as not to fuck up people that might be standing at the bus stop. I hope her pussy rots off. says,
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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