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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>we'll see the movie after I smoke this doobie, drop this acid and tune out baby! </strong>

Monday, May 3

we'll see the movie after I smoke this doobie, drop this acid and tune out baby!

Yesterday was one of those crappy Sunday's where the fuckin weather's so all over the map that a cat just says fuck it, and hangs out on the couch all day. I woke up it was fuckin raining; I went to do laundry it was sunny and warm. I get done with laundry, it chilly and wet. And when I got home it was sunny again. Fuck it. Shit was too confusing.
I got to flipping channels and on the (Bravo) Channel the seventies movie Tommy was playing. Hell, I remember being in high school when it first come and going to see it at the old Empire theater here in town. I wasn't really a huge assed fan of the Who, but I always got a kick of watching Peter Townshend do that windmill thing, and I just loved his distortion. And trying to watch that spastic muthafucker Keith Moon play drums was a chore in it's self. But watching the movie again was fun cause I'd forgotten how well mixing heavy drugs, music and making movies meshed back in the day. Plus as well as I can recollect, Tommy was my first real introduction to Elton John. And who can forget him wearin the giant stilt boots. Now here's a question for those of you that's seen the movie over the years.
If memory serves me, in the movie Ann Margaret played Nora, Tommy's (Roger Daltry) mother. Now with it being the decadent seventies and shit, was she fuckin him? Or did I just pull that out of my ass? I mean goddamn, "see me, feel me, touch me, heal me", ain't exactly like askin the Beaver"s mom for a cookie and shit. "m just sayin is all.
It was cool seeing some of the greatest rock stars of that era in the movie. Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, amongst others, and a very young fucked uped lookin Jack Nicholson
And Michelle, cause you"ve never even heard of "Tommy", shame on you, not being born yet isn't a good excuse. says, "and the monkey flipped the switch"


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