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Tuesday, May 25

what would Jesus have said?

Spending quality time with your children is important. About a year ago my son literally discovered his nuts one night while pawing at himself, and I'm thankful I happened to be there for that ridiculous moment in his life.

He had been well aware of his little pecker for quite some time, but somehow the wonder twins below had managed to elude him. Then one night, I was putting on his pajamas and he made his miraculous finding. He couldn't believe it. In pure amazement he shouted out, "DADDY! THERE ARE BALLS IN MY BUM!" He then went on to squeeze the shit out of them for the next five minutes.

I found this at "The Sneeze", and it was so funny I had to share it with you all.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Brent said...

I have two boys, one 9 and the other 6. My 9 year old has asked me ONCE about his parts. My 6 year old is absolutely fascinated by his. He's constantly telling me it's present "state" and asking what it does and why it's doing what it's doing. I can only laugh and try to explain.

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