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Thursday, June 17

blame game

I was just lookin over some of the crap being put out by the 9/11 Commission and I still can’t understand why these muthafucker’s are so goddamn insistent on placing blame on people for what happened. The 9/11 Commission said aviation and military officials were "unsuited in every respect for what was about to happen" on September 11”. They went on to say how ineffective the military was when trying to stop the attacks, especially on the Pentagon even after Bush and Cheney ordered all planes entering Washington airspace shot down. Hell, if god himself was at the trigger he would’a been caught off guard by what was about to happen. No matter what the paper may tell you the military is not stupid or slow, especially when it comes to protecting our shores. But nobody, and I mean nobody in their wildest dreams, unless your ass is named Tom Clancy imagined muthafuckers taking over crowded jet liners and turning em into guided stealth missiles. Also when that shit was going down the air was still full of aircraft trying to get their asses out’a the air. So with the transponders on the hijacked planes turned off where they couldn’t be identified, was the military to shoot down every plane it could get a bead on? Let’s pretend this was some Tom Clancy movie and some fighter pilot has just targeted some jumbo jet heading toward Regan International. He’s under presidential orders to fire on any craft flying into Washington airspace, but his helmet’s filled with voices telling him to disobey his orders and to not splash the jetliner because it might be a friendly. Suddenly thru the headphones comes this squawky Texas drawl identifying it’s self as the President of the United States, and to obey orders and splash the goddamn plane. So the fighter pilot does what he’s told and blows the plane out of the sky, killing almost four hundred innocent Americans. Does the President take the blame for issuing the orders? Fuck no. The military gets blamed for being unsure of itself and the pilot gets fucked in the ass and is court marshaled and charged with the murder of almost four hundred fellow Americans. My thoughts are instead of blaming a muthafucker; the cocksuckers need to be working to make sure shit like that doesn’t happen again. But you know the deal, if fifteen-mile wide spaceships showed up and started fuckin over the landscape and shit, people would find some way to blame the military. Why wasn’t the military able to repel the attack of the fuckin fifteen-mile wide spaceships with the invisible force fields and giant phaser guns? The bottom line is that a muthafucker can only be prepared for shit he understands. If he can’t comprehend the action or envision the action, how can he prepare for the action? You can have all the drills; all the contingency plans in the world, but they ain’t worth a good goddamn when the e-vil muthafucker’s pull shit out of their asses like they did. Don’t waste time and taxpayer money laying blame; just make sure the shit doesn’t happen again. I’m just sayin is all.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger SmedRock said...

EXACTLY. I think we may have been seperated at birth. You hit this right on the head. And here i was thinking I was the ONLY one with god like powers of deduction. Keep up the good work. it is nice to see people cut through the bullshit and get to the point.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about people that are all suspicious about Muslims now. I just want to say "Look, the Muslims that you want, the ones that are responsible? They're dead now. Leave the pease-loving-father-of-four Muslim out of it." I guess you don't see that as much now, but shortly after 9/11 it was a real problem. I had a guy come into my work with his family right after the attack. He was wearing a turban, but he had a baseball cap over it. On his way out he explained that people would freak out when they saw him now, and that he wasn't evern Muslim, he was Hindu. He was just as freaked out and nervous as everyone else was, but he had to deal with people who thought he had something to do with it.

The US wants someone to have to bite the bullet and say that they were responsible for what happened, but those people died in a plane crash.

At least we won that war in Afghanistan and caught Bin Laden. Oh wait.

Mike Walker

3:40 PM  

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