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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>collage presidents say the darnest things</strong>

Tuesday, June 15

collage presidents say the darnest things

In a sworn statement to be made public Tuesday, University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman said a four-letter word (CUNT) used toward women can sometimes be used as a "term of endearment." The comment comes from Hoffman's latest sworn testimony in connection with a federal lawsuit against the university. The suit was filed by women who say they were sexually assaulted by CU football players and recruits. A lawyer for one of the women asked Hoffman about former CU kicker Katie Hnida being called the "c- word" (CUNT) by a teammate. That player was later disciplined by coach Gary Barnett for making the remark. In the deposition, Hoffman was asked whether the "c-word" (CUNT) is "filthy and vile. "She said she knows the word (CUNT) is a swear word, but "It is all in the context of what--of how it is used and when it is used." She was asked, "Can you indicate any polite context in which that word (CUNT) would be used?" Hoffman answered, "Yes, I've actually heard it (CUNT) used as a term of endearment." A CU spokeswoman said President Hoffman is aware of the negative connotations associated with the word (CUNT). But, the spokesperson said, because Hoffman is a medieval scholar, she is aware of the long history of the word (CUNT). She said it was not always a negative term. Additionally, some CU critics are scheduled to meet with Gov. Bill Owens Tuesday, to talk about how the university is handling the football recruiting scandal.

What a stupid stupid silly little bitch. She needs to have the football coach(s) cock pulled out’a her mouth and face planted on the thirty-yard line. I find it hard to understand how any female; especially one that’s the president of a fuckin collage can say asinine silly shit like this. I mentioned before on this very blog that (CUNT) is a word I’ve never spoken toward the fairer sex. Shit, walk up to your typical woman and call her a (CUNT), and the best thing to come out of that ass whippin will be the head start you get whilst she’s sputtering and kicking off her shoes in preparation to bum rush her foot up your ass. Even when I used to have sex? And the chick wanted me to talk dirty to her and she’s going;
“yeah, mommy got a pretty….c’mon say it, mommy got a pretty…..c’mon daddy, you can call it anything you want. Say it, say it! MOMMY HAS A PRETTY WHAT? YOU FAT BASTARD! MOMMY HAS A PRETTY (CUNT)! WHY CAN’T YOU FUCKIN CALL IT WHAT I WANT YOU TOO? NO, IT’S NOT THE FUCKIN HAIRY LOVE TUNNEL YOU BITCH! CALL IT A (CUNT), CALL IT A PRETTTTTTTY (CUNT)! OR I’M GONNA RIP YOUR GODDAMN SCTOTE OFF YOU WORTHLESS NON DIRTY TALKIN FUCK! (CUNT)! (CUNT)! (CUNT)! (CUNT)! (CUNT)! (CUNT)! (CUNT)! (CUNT)! (CUNT! (CUNT)! SAY IT!!!!!! (CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNT)!!!! Sob, aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Why can’t you call it what I want! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Get off me I got a headache. You suck".

I still couldn't bring myself to say the c-word (CUNT).

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, I don't use that one either. One of the few I don't use. It will for sure get you hit with anything within reach.

Grey Biker

2:30 PM  

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