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Wednesday, July 28

and I'm still not done yet

I’m telling you muthafucker’s that when election November comes up watch all kinds of crazy shit start going on. Already in Florida all the computer voting machines are crashing and losing information. Plus it’s been found that they all have some kind of system bug that makes in case of “I’m sorry”,…….when the giant fuckup happens, a manual recount impossible. And of course Jeb Bush and other state officials are poo pooing everything, and telling muthafucker’s that everything’s working fine and nothings gonna go wrong. Fuck Jeb Bush in his cracker wanna be back in the slave day owning ass.

And another thing, I’m so fuckin sick to my gut hearing about that fucking trampy slut Courtney Love. This crazy bitch is treating the court system like a joke because she thinks she’s all it and shit. Bitch needs to be thrown into the fuckin snow and clubbed like a screaming baby seal. Which brings me to my next issue. There’s a big debate going on whither if your ass is famous or fuck-you rich, are the American courts giving you preferential treatment. Well here’s how shit rolls. If you’re rich and famous? And get into trouble with Johnny Law? It’s a goddamn proven fact that the American court system is gonna get down on it’s knees and give you a Monica Lewinsky and take it in the face. Regular folks don’t have the luxury of sealed court records like famous people. No, your personal shit is thrown all over the street so people can see you for the bug-tit crazy whore you are. Regular folks aren’t called eccentric and slapped on the wrist. No, we’re called crooks and thrown into jail where we better learn to love eating some fat skank’s pussy or getting cornholed by the self professed hero’s in lockdown. Regular folks get the lawyer with a caseload so big that instead of learning your name the muthafucker slaps a nametag and number on you. So fuckin hell yeah the rich and famous gets special treatment from the court system. It’s a fuckin crime that the shit’s even debatable.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

things are allot worse than your making out Greg.

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