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Monday, July 12

The Big Red One

I couldn’t help but be moved when I saw the story about the kid who when he first attempted to join the Marine’s was told he was over the weight limit by a hundred fifty pounds. Undeterred, he went on a diet and started working out and was finally allowed to enlist only to get his ass killed over in Western Iraq. Again here was an American so determined to enlist and go fight the good fight that he would go thru any means to do so, only to end up dying in a strange country. So fuckin sad. But whilst reading this story I couldn’t help but be reminded of the guy in all the movies. You know the cat I’m talking about. Yeah, the one that announces that he has less then a week before he retires or gets sent home, and he’s always showing everybody pictures of his kids or the new boat he’s gonna buy when he gets out, or shit like that. This cat is worse off then the black guy that always gets sent into the dark house or woods to investigate the strange sound and ends up getting his head bit off by Sasquatch and shit. He’s even more fucked then the red shirt guy in all the Star Trek shows. He’s the one cat on the away-team always wearing the red shirt that when the away-team beams to a strange planet and he rounds the huge boulder and ends up getting his ass phasered by the skinless monkey in the spacesuit.
“Capt’n Kirk, they just killed Johnson!”
But the guy that has less then a week before he retires or gets sent home is the worse. That’s the muthafucker that always ends up dying in the most heinous way. He’ll not only gets shot, but dragged by the fuckin car, pistol whipped and then he gets thrown off the top of the warehouse. And that’s just in the cop shows. If he’s in the service shit will always wait till he’s sitting under a tree and shit, taking a longing look at a picture of the wife and kids when suddenly he slumps over cause a sniper’s bullet just went thru his helmet.
“Johnson was gonna get to go home in a few days but his number came up. Dammit, why does it always happen to the good ones”?
I’m just sayin you know? So when the more experienced soldiers see the “new kid” that sacrificed and lost all the weight because he wanted to be a Marine and go fight. Or the “new kid” that gave up the huge lucrative sports contract to enlist and go to Iraq because to them it was the right thing to do. They must shake their heads and wonder do they even need to bother learning their names.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger SmedRock said...

Yeah. Gotta give hime credit though. To drop all that weight and then make it through the Marine boot camp. That says alot, and then to have voulteered for combat duty. Damn. It is sad, but he felt he had a duty I suppose, and was compelled to contribute.

I salute him for that. But sad all the same...

5:06 AM  

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