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Tuesday, July 13

Dammit, I think it's called forshadowing?

I’ve been doing some deep thinking and have decided to share some of my saner revelations with you all. Most of this will be of a political nature since that’s what’s been fucking with me as of late.
Lets start with that juiced up pussy-grabbing freak in California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is one cocksucker we need to keep an eye on. This ambitious bastard has felt the big stick and even though he’s foreign born and currently can’t run for the nations highest office, a muthafucker better watch out. I can easily see this arrogant son-of-a-bitch becoming so popular with the in-crowd that he’ll actually try to get the Constitution amended so that he can eventually run for president.
And on a similar note, look out around election time. Bush will do anything, and I mean fuckin anything to stay in office. Look for this asshole to do something so out there, that it will either keep him in office or fuck em in the ass as the crazy muthafucker that he is. This is a desperate man who truly believes he’s doing god’s work. And because he believes that, not only will he fight and scrap and fuck Americans over to do so, but because god told his crazy monkey ass that it’s cool. For starters, look for the same voter bullshit that happened in Florida to repeat itself, but on a nation-side scale. And here’s a crazy one for your asses. I can’t remember the exact term, but that part early in a movie that you remember later cause it kind’a tied shit all together? Ok, then remember all this talk now about if the primary elections should be postponed because of a terrorist attack. I’m not saying a goddamn thing, but if it was to happen he’ll sure be the first one out of the gate to take advantage of it.
And if you believe in the saying that the more you try to hide shit the more shit comes out? Then you only need to check out what’s going on with this Catholic Seminary just outside of Vienna, Austria. Last year a stash of porn was discovered in the seminary computers that consisted of over 40.000 pictures and films. They showed old and young priests frolicking around nekked and shit, smacking that ass and having orgies. Then just recently a crap load of kiddie porn was discovered at the same Catholic seminary. The head cat in charge of all things Catholic in that area just threw more shit in the fan when he declared that it was all harmless fun and part of a huge practical joke. I hope somebody carves God into a fuckin bullet and pushes it through this pious muthafucker’s head. Fuck him and fuck the Church when they tell people that “it’s” being dealt with.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Rusty said...

I've heard a couple of conspiracy theories about the election and what Bush is gonna do. The first one is that Bin Laden has already been captured, and Bush is waiting till close to November to announce his capture. Don't remember the specifics with the other one, but it dealt with a possible attack on American soil cause Bin Laden wants Bush to win for some crazy reason. Had to shake my head when I heard those. And by the way, the Florida thing is still gonna happen. I've heard from some people that the names put on the "felon" list haven't been taken off yet.

11:14 AM  
Blogger satyavati said...

That bishop or whoever said the pornography was a 'childish prank'. Is that some kind of a pun or something?

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

florida has since done an about face on this issue in the past week; the "list" got them sued by (of all people) cnn, and they subsequently are going to let several hundred (probably? no one knows exactly how many, for some reason) convicted felons vote - in their words, "better to err on the side of the voter." yeah, 4 years too late, you theiving bastards. it's been an AP/Rueters story recently if you want to read it.
but only seven states have this law (texas is another). it's basically a leftover jim crow law, meant solely to marginalize black voters (as most convicted felons in florida--and in the other six states--are black...another scathing rant waiting to happen), and very overtly at that. why in the HELL do these laws still exist? the answer is far troubling than the question, but a better question might be: do we, as a nation, who would tolerate such laws (and of course, ignorance of the law is no excuse, so they say), deserve better?
would love to hear greg address this...especially after a few drinks. :)

9:20 PM  

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