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Wednesday, July 28

I'm not done yet

I’m in one of my “don’t give a fuck” moods today, so lets steel-toe a few fuzzy kittens and see how shit cleans up. Here in Kansas City the local police were stopping people at random. If random meant they were observing all the safe driving rules, like signaling lane changes and other safe shit like that. If you were one of the lucky few to get pulled over the cops gave you a free coupon for ice cream. But now since some folks have been bitchin about the practice, the police have discontinued this Officer Friendly shit until farther notice. And now other folks are bitchin at the folks who were bitchin in the first place because they can’t understand how can a muthafucker bitch about free ice cream. But see, here’s the deal that only old hippies and lawyers might know about. It’s standard practice that when a cop pulls you over for any reason, I don’t give a fuck if it’s for a busted taillight, running a red light or to lay some ice cream on your ass, they are gonna run your plates thru. So when Officer Friendly signals you to pull over to give you free ice cream, he’s already run your plates thru. Which some observant folks see as a loophole around the reasonable cause issue and a civil liberty’s thing. It’s not racial profiling, it’s not because they don’t like the way you look, it’s not because you’re tooling around in a big SUV with spinners. All of which are not legal reasons to pull you over. But to give you some free ice cream because you hit the turn signal before you hung a left. And after hearing folks bitch, the police lawyers decided how bad shit might look and told muthafucker’s to cut that shit out till they can rethink things over. And understand that I’m not normally critical of the police and what they do but damn, free ice cream? What ever happened to telling muthafucker’s to come get their free TV and shit? Well if nothing else it goes to show that stinkin assed old hippies are still good for certain things.
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