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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: sex(ual identity), drugs, rock & roll

Thursday, July 29

sex(ual identity), drugs, rock & roll

Best quote of the week:
“Pornography perverts the gift of sex”
Personal quote from Billy Graham. Billy Graham says that sex is a gift from God and that Porn distorts his gift. Might be just me but I think that God has more on his plate then how we fuck each other or if we watch people fuckin on the TV. I’d rather think that God’s sittin behind his desk busting one of the Holy Cherub’s chops,
“how come nobody told me Michael Stipe was gay? How come I gotta find out from USA Today”?
Hell he could’a asked me, it don’t take too much of a reach to picture Stipe on all fours lookin over his shoulder. I guess I’m just bitter, I used to dig REM until they pulled a Sting and wanted to save the world. At what point does the media look to musicians as being so wise and worthy of a serious quote? I’m the first to applaud the fact that everyone has an opinion and they have the right to voice it. But I get bent out of shape whenever some musician or actor calls a press conference to voice their thoughts on the worlds issues, and after they voice it I’m sittin on my couch going, ”what the fuck just happened”?
“Mr. Famous Musician! Can you address the hunger issue in Ethiopia”?
(In fake British accent)
“Well, I see all these people sittin around in the dirt you know, I’m so sure that if they started growing food and build a few shopping centers that their problems would just go away. Rock and Roll! Yeah”.
Ignorant pissant. Just because you sell millions of records and got more money then a third world country, don’t make you in the know. I’m all over musicians saving the world and reaching out and shit, I just don’t want Ozzy walkin out of a Holiday Inn Express wantin to do open heart surgery on me.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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