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Wednesday, October 27

freedom of choice

I’ve been listening to a discussion on the radio about the smoking ban in public places that some states and cities have enacted. In my humble opinion it’s definitely a dicey subject. I understand that some non-smokers don’t want to be around folks that do smoke, due to the smell and the inherent dangers of second hand smoke. But the way I see shit is that they have a choice, that same that we as smokers have to lite up. If you know that
The only people in bars that have any right to bitch about smokers are the ones that have to work there. They don’t have much of a choice and if they have issues with shit, then it’s their responsibility to take it up with management. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I can fully dig not smoking in restaurants or public buildings like offices of theaters or the stinkin mall. The last thing a muthafucker wants after biting into their burger is smoke in their eyes, or the dangers of someone flicking a butt out in a theater and setting shit on fire. I see that as just plain old-fashioned common sense and respect for the muthafucker sitting next to you. But as with everything American we’re given a choice. You have the choice to worship everything from God to the trees in the forest. You have the choice to eat and drink pretty much what you please. But as with everything else that people find enjoyable, there are always muthafuckers out there that deem it their personal fuckin mission in life to dictate how you should live. The cat on the radio had a valid point. If you have a problem with the gay bar up the street don’t fuckin go in there. If the TV show offends you then turn the channel. You have those choices and it’s your right not to see these things if you don’t fuckin dig it. Nobody’s putting a gun to your head saying you have to go to here or there or what to watch on the fuckin TV. But that seems to be what’s happening around the country. Somewhere in their insatiable quest to figure out what we as the tax paying voting public need and don’t need. The politico’s have done their Vulcan mind meld bullshit and decided that we don’t have the ability to make our own choices. That’s why on TV commercials when you see new cars racing down the road in some ad there’s always the disclaimer that the driver is a professional driving on a closed road. It’s just their way of sayin “hey you dumb fucker, don’t try this at home”. But on the same hand that’s the reason why almost every product you buy has some sort of disclaimer. When you buy a nail gun to work on your house and you read the disclaimer that tells you not to point the muthafucker at your face. You know it’s on there because more then one dumb bastard nail gunned himself in the fuckin forehead. That’s one thing, but when you have a group of muthafucker’s sittin on the hill telling you what you can’t do or how you should run your own business, I say, “fuck you”. If I own a bar and allow smoking, how dare you come in and bitch at me, or tell me that I have to tell all the smokers that they can’t light up. I own this muthafucker not you. I paid to put this bitch up with no help from you, thank you very much. If you don’t dig the music fuck off. If you don’t dig my crowd fuck off. If you don’t like the cigarette smoke then don’t darken my door. It’s my establishment, I pay all the taxes, so don’t you dare come in and tell me what I should do and shouldn’t do. You let this shit go on and next thing you know it’ll be illegal to eat cheeseburgers in public cause the fuckin Vegans are all in arms and shit.
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Blogger Da Goldfish said...

Absolutely. The same shit looks like it’s about to happen over here as well.

You know, I think that bar staff do have a choice – they have a choice whether to work in a bar or not. You apply for a job in a nightclub or a bar, you know there’s certain things you can expect – people drinking, for one, people being drunk, for another. You expect that, just as you expect to have to deal with aggressive customers and take a certain amount of good-humoured piss-ripping from the regulars. That’s just common sense.

Another thing you can expect is that people are going to smoke. You’ll be aware of this if you’ve ever set foot in one single pub in your entire life. So, if other people smoking offends or worries you so much, the answer’s simple: DON’T FUCKING WORK THERE. There’s plenty of other jobs.

I’ve worked in a few bars in my time, and what struck me was that my colleagues were always the hardest smokers of the lot. As a customer, I’ve noticed that it’s always really easy to get a seat – just go to the non-smoking section, because it’s always completely fucking empty…

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