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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>Fresh for Halloween</strong>

Friday, October 22

Fresh for Halloween

I've gone thru my dusty archives and brought forth my old ghost stories for your horror and amusement. If you have a weak heart or a loose bladder, please refrain from reading any farther cause you might just pass the fuck out or worse shit yourself.


You guy’s know I’m a firm believer in the unknown, right? Ghosts, Bigfoot, UFO’s, all that good go bump in the dark shit. Cause a muthafucker’s gotta know; the worlds too big not to believe. Way back in the day I lived in this old ass apartment just off the Plaza. The place just screamed Bogart and had a Murphy bed to boot. (a Murphy bed was a guest bed that folded up into the wall when not in use). Back then I had no TV, just books and this huge stereo. Whenever I went to bed at night I usually left the stereo on cause it gave me something to listen too while reading in bed. So I’m in bed sleeping when something woke me out of a good sleep. I knew I was awake cause next to the bed was a nightstand with a digital alarm clock on it, and I could see the seconds flashing on and off. The clock read 4:15 in the AM. Suddenly the stereo in the living room cranked way the fuck up then just as sudden, shut it’s self off. “What the fuck”? I’m lying on my side facing the doorway and I could still see the seconds on the clock flashing. I figured I’d get up and check out the stereo but when I tried to move it was like I was being held down by something. I couldn’t even move my head, only my eyes. Once again the clock came into view, I noticed twenty minuets had past.
Out of the corner of my vision near this dark walk in closet, I saw a small glowing pinprick of light. As I watched, the light blossomed into a white ball of light about the size of a bowling ball. The light had no features that I could see and it hovered about five feet off the floor. Now here’s when it gets kinky. I could sense the light smiling at me, and as it moved closer to me, somehow it seemed feminine, don’t ask me how but it did. Now get this shit. Something fuckin touched me. I swear to God I felt a hand pass through the sheets and touch me on my bare fuckin shoulder. I freaked, but I still couldn’t move. The hand kept touching me and poking me with its fingers. By now the clock showed that half an hour had gone by and the damn glowing ball was still here. I guess the ghostly little bitch got tired of feeling me up and she started bouncing me up and down in the bed. To my last breath I truly believe I was wide-awake cause through it all there was no stereo to be heard and I watched the minutes go by on the clock next to my bed. Around 5 AM the stereo started playing again and the Glowing ball was gone. I got up and turned on every light I could find. I just set on the edge of the bed catching my breath and trying to figure out what just happened. I know what you’re thinking, too many drugs baby! Whatever! You’ll believe when you read the rest of this

"and the scary monkey flipped the switch"


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