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Thursday, October 28

I'll make time on Friday, but until then here's some more shit from the archives

Quote of the week;
“you have the power and the thunder that only a big man can put out”.
Buddy Miles talking to me as we got shitfaced ten years ago in a Chicago blues bar.

I was walkin thru Westport the other night when this cat ran me down and asked me if I was a drummer. I hesitated then told him that I used to be. He proceeded to tell me that he remembered watching me play years ago and that he enjoyed what I did a lot. He had his own band playin at Blayney’s and that they’d enjoy having me sit in with em. I can’t describe how flattered I was. Playin the drums was one of the few things that truly put grins on my face. I never belonged to a band, simply because the job 24/7 on call thing wouldn’t allow it. But I could go out three or four night a week and sit in on any number of “jam sessions” across town. I wasn’t a great or flashy drummer, but I had a feel for the music and I made it all fit. I prided myself on the fact that I went from being embarrassed off the stage to the point that I could walk into any jam session in town and the musicians would know me and actually ask me to play. Playing drums is an odd thing, as far as being physically fit I’m a total waste, but I was able to sit behind a drum kit and play at full strength for up to two hours at a stretch. Also playing behind a bunch of hot players was such a rush. There were times when I’d look up and make eye contact with the other members of the band and we’d just grin and step it up. That’s when we were all of the same mind or the “one”. That’s when the happiness or Gestalt took over. One night I was jamming with a band that had a full horn section and we had just did what’s called a “walk up” when I started giggling. The giggles turned into a full bore almost maniacal laughter. This went on for almost ten minutes. The band and the crowd were just staring at me as I let go. Somebody told me later that the Holy Spirit took me over; I’m not sure what happened. I just knew for those short few moments I was the happiest that I’ve ever been in my life and it all just came out in a rush. I miss playin, but it’s like everything else in life. It’s all a full circle. Peace.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, it's late, I linked over here from who fucking remembers and I've got a bottle of rum from St. Croix I'm kinda sipping on and I gotta tell you, your writing is most excellent. I've tried to "LOG IN" and I can't get that shit working. So this post about connecting is right on man. It can be about so many things, but whatever it is for you, when you hit that spot, it's amazing. And you wrote very eloquently about those moments.


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