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Monday, October 25

is it really about the yellow lines?

Hi kids, I came to a couple of revelations this weekend that I want to share with you all. I’ll speak on the second one first cause it came to me sitting at the bus stop. Over on Broadway in Westport, the City’s been redoing the street for the past few weeks. It’s been pretty much a mess with the street all ripped up and shit. The entire top layer was gone and no neat yellow lines for traffic to follow and dust and dirt everywhere. It was some fucked up shit and a pain because when I got to my car after work it was usually covered in a fine layer of dust. But this morning sitting at the bus stop I noticed that everything’s been repaved and the yellow lines have shown back up. And sitting there drinking my hot fragrant cup of Broadway Coffee (coffee stright with two sugars and half & half generously sprinkled with coco flakes) and smoking on a full flavored Kool Filter King. It struck me that Broadway with it’s neat yellow lines reminded me of life. When the street was all torn up, people driving up and down it were all in a tizzy and shit. Without their precious yellow lines and lanes some folks actually got all bent out of shape because they couldn’t figure out what section of the fuckin street to drive in. So as a result you saw some muthafucker’s weave all over the place causing nothing but confusion and upsetting the general neatness of things. But then there were the folks that did just fine. They’ve been up and down that road many times and knew where they needed to be, and those folks drove around all the confused ones and went about the business of what they were doing. Life’s a lot like that I think. Some of us can navigate the road no matter what shape it’s in, whilst some folks when the yellow lines and lanes are removed seem to get into all this drama. They weave from side to side or even stop in the middle of the street all confused and shit. They’ll even do all they can to get off on a side street to avoid it all. And when they take the side streets they always seem to get lost in the “bad” neighborhoods until they find their lane again.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Jessica said...

I think that's about as close an analogy to the truth as I've seen in a while. How I miss my truck, and barreling over those stuck in the middle of the road. (And thanks for the link on your site, it's quite an honor!)

1:16 PM  

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