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Wednesday, October 6

stray anal musings

Rodney Dangerfield has gone to that big glitzy dinner club in the sky. I hope god recognizes and shows Rodney the respect he deserves. I’m sure he will but if he doesn’t it’ll just be more material for Rodney. “
I died and went to heaven and the first guy I saw was St. Peter. I said hey Pete; it’s me, Rodney! St. Peter looked at me and said, deliveries in the rear. I tell ya, I get no respect”.

And let me get this stright, Mount St. Helens is trying it’s best to blow it’s fuckin ass up, and muthafuckers are beating a path to watch it happen? I’m glad to see that Darwinism is alive and well. Natural selection and thinning the fuckin herd. I’m just sayin.

During last night’s vice-presidential debate, I couldn’t have been the only one waiting for Cheney to go postal and call Edwards a young punk cocksucker to his face?

And in an I can’t believe it’s butter moment, the rating board for Hollywood films has decided to give the slacker puppet movie “Team America” an R rating. It seems that they want to give it an NC-17 rating due to overt puppet sex. Goddamn, it’s fuckin puppets doing pretend puppet fuckin in a fuckin movie for fucks sake. It’s not like Brittany Spears schlonging her Great Dane in a video and shit. Though to tell the truth I wouldn’t mind paying to see that.

Oh, and speaking of more unbelievable bullshit. I see where that asshole Orrin Hatch is promoting a bill to allow foreign-born citizens of the United States who have lived here for a minimum of twenty years to be able to run for the office of President. Hmmm, makes a cat wonder whose Austrian born governmental cock does ole Orrin have his thin-lipped mouth wrapped around.

It's all about spit or lube baby.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger satyavati said...

OMG. WHAT is that a picture of????

6:59 AM  
Blogger Death said...

pigs feet. damn tasty eating in some parts of the country.

10:09 AM  

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