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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>is this the back of the line?</strong>

Thursday, November 4

is this the back of the line?

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Sorry for the lull between updates I’ve been busy or distracted for the past few days, I forget which, but I’d like to thank young Cor(e)y for bringing my lack of doing shit to my attention. So has this daylight savings time been fucking with anyone else besides me? I know I gained an extra hour of sleep and all but just try telling my internal clock that. I’ve been all fucked up this week cause I’m still waking up at my regular time which now instead of popping awake at five am I’m wide awake at four fucking o’clock in the goddamned morning which is just a raging pain in the ass. And as a result I’ve been drag-assing into work feeling like crap and wanting to snap the stinkin necks of anyone within my fuckin reach. Which was the reason I left work during the middle of the day on Tuesday. Between dealing with paperwork and other people’s bullshit, I decided to leave to vote and fuck coming back. And luckily since I work for the Man I can do shit like that and pull it off, so away I went to make my voice heard. I got to my voting station and only had to wait about ten minutes before a booth opened up. Now I gotta say that voting here in midtown Kansas City is as simple as shit gets. Take the fuckin voting card and slip it into it’s dummy proof holder and start flipping thru the book and punch the hole next to the thing you wanna vote for. Wiping your ass is more complex then that, so what’s the big deal? You vote, you punch the hole. Punch the hole, you’ve voted. Keep it simple stupid. Then you take the punched out card to the old lady who tells you to drop it into the big iron box. Ba-boom, you’re all done and soon your voice will be heard along with thousands and thousands of others. And now that the voting’s all done if I hear one more political thing directed my way, I’m afraid I just might have to mouth-fuck someone with my fist. Let it go people, some of us won, some of us lost. Lets just pull it together and get on with our miserable shallow misspent lives and if you feel there’s nothing left to live for, remember Canada says the line starts here.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Sivad said...

ROFL! your site is too funny. yes, you are definitely 'unusual' but i love it.
i'll be back. it's great to read works that truly show your personality. i hope that i'll get there too.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

DST is jacking with me as well. I hate waking up with no sunlight, it makes the recent hangovers from a pint o' whiskey a night a little more bearable to wake up with a little sun for some crazy reason.

12:06 AM  

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