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Wednesday, November 17

let em suck Hagfish
I see where the over the top assholes at PETA are starting a campaign arguing that fish are sensitive intelligent animals worthy of not being eaten. That eating fish is like eating a pet dog or cat, and we have no right putting em on the dinner plate. And before I go on I should say that I respect any who decide to not eat the meat of animals, cause that’s their choice and all that good shit. If you think that eating anything with a face is wrong then that’s your business. Hell, I fully agree that some animals shouldn’t be eaten like any endangered species or Fluffy the cat or Fido sleeping under the porch. But to protest and picket your local fried chicken palace or Long John Silvers is a bit much I think. The thing about PETA that fucks with me so much is the way they go about doing shit. A muthafucker would think from the way they go crazy about certain things, that instead of frying chicken, there were infant babies being ass raped inside of Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets on a regular basis. There’s a great science fiction writer by the name of Robert Adams who wrote a bunch of books called the Horse Clan series. The books dealt with the world after the third or forth world war when the human population was more or less blown back to the Stone Age. After many years the world kind’a settled into this hodgepodge of feudalistic societies. And in the area of the United States that used to be known as Oregon, there lived in the mountains a primitive cannibalistic society. I can’t remember what they were called but they were the offshoots of a group of environmentalist who hid in the mountains when the war broke out. And over the years they went from being civilized human beings to a primitive subculture who only had vague memories of who they used to be but what they could remember became tribe law. They wouldn’t eat the meat of animals or wear their skins; they wouldn’t wash themselves in the streams and rivers because they thought it would pollute everything. And they habitually fucked each other in the ass because it seemed the thing to do. And because they were stupid primitive butt fuckin inbred hillbillies, their main source of food was either eating people they captured or each other. Not cool people to run into too. But anyway, every time I hear PETA spouting off about this or that it always to mind the stories I used to read.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


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