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Friday, November 5

sweatin the small stuff
My final thoughts on the election are this; I’m not that horribly bent out of shape that Bush won. There’s always winners and losers and that’s just the way shit falls, but to win the popular vote by such a large margin? What the fuck is up with that shit? Am I the only Bush basher that feels like he’s been punked, and all this huge groundswell of emotion that ran across the nation to get him out of office was just a work?
“Hey, lets all pretend to hate Bush so as to make people believe they’re working for a greater cause and get their hopes up then fuck em hard in the ass at the polls”
The only good and positive thing about the election is that the youth of America did make themselves heard. According to MTV, they surpassed their goal of getting twenty million youth to vote. The exit figures are actually closer to twenty-one million. As a matter of fact the largest demographic to vote against Bush was the 18 to 29 year olds. And I can personally say that all I saw when I was at the polls were kids. Kudos to them for getting their stinkin MTV watching baggy pants wearing asses out and doing the right thing. Even though they got punked right along with the rest of us.
And now back to our regular programming

By now we’ve all read about the National Guard F-16 fighter that mistook this grade school in New Jersey for it training target and shot the fuck out of it. Now I’m not by any means an expert but if your ass is in the air flying at near five hundred miles an hour at seven to eight thousand feet. Which my military coworkers tell me is the speed and height the plane might have been flying, 31/2 miles gets covered in less then a blink of an eye and the fuckin target ain’t bigger then that, especially at night. Which brings up the question, what the fuck is a military type live firing range doing so close to schools and shit? And somebody please find the poor fuckin janitor who was working that night and give that muthafucker a hug. Goddamn I hope he wasn’t one of those burnt out Vietnam vets like we have walking around here. Can you imagine that shit?
“Lawd I can’t wait to get away from these nasty throwing up in the hall kids. Where’s my mop? WHAT THE FUCK? GODDAMMIT CHARLYS OPENED UP ON ME! zzzzzt…static……baker..1..9… I’M TAKING FIRE…I REPEAT..I’M TAKING FIRE!!"……
Poor bastard.

art:bruce pennington
And here’s some X-Files type sci-fi shit for ya. NASA scientist are grinning their asses off because one of NASA’s Mars rovers has started some shit up. Because of late the muthafucker has shown a surge in power, which has em all fucked up with the dumbass. I guess from what my inside sources tell me the Mars rovers have already gone past their expected useful life, which just tickled the shit out’a everybody. But then to have one of em suddenly start gaining power? Shit, that’s got muthafucker’s bouncing off the walls trying to figure that one out. Either something’s cleaned all the dust and shit off the solar panels which is enabling the sun to work more efficiently on em, or fuckin ET gone and plugged em into the wall.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Sapphire Raven said...

Thier coming! Thier coming! and thier going to use us for thier erotic experiments......On second thought it could be just the solor panels but I'm going to go with my imagination on this one....As long as thier pussy is in the right place and they have tit's or even multiple tit's I'm game...On second thought I just rememberd a part of fear factor where they had these slimey and I mean very very slimy slug creaturs in it forget the experiments RUN...LoL....Evermore

11:05 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Just too fucking excellent :)

4:56 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

Trust me Greg, you are not the only Kerry supporter to ask, "WTF" come Wednesday. All I'm hoping is that "W" pull his head out of his ass these next 4 years.

9:14 PM  

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