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Monday, December 27

it can't all make sense

Reading about the disastrous 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hammered Asia is like reading the plot for some 1960’s era science fiction movie. I mean like goddamn, an earthquake so powerful that it killed over twenty thousand and affected the earth’s rotation. Did you hear me? Affected the rotation of the fuckin earth. If that ain’t some end of the world science fiction shit, I don’t know what is. It’s like turning on the TV and instead of Buffy reruns in color, there’s ole Raymond Burr in black and white speaking before the UN. Telling muthafucker’s that because the earthquake affected the earth’s rotation, temperatures around the globe are beginning to rise drastically and we’re spinning toward the stinkin Sun and that a giant spaceship being piloted by Robert Stack is being readied in the Gobi Desert for immediate departure to fuckin Mars. Look at the world around us in 1960’s black and white movie mode and believe me when I say that we are living in the golden age of science fiction. Every man, woman and child carries their own personal communicator capable of transmitting thousand of miles. Which is good since the murder rate in the United States is averaging one murder every quarter hour. Almost every school child carries personal effects that scientist of the sixties could only dream of. Calculators the size of credit cards with more calculating power then the first manned spaceship to the moon. Tiny devices the size of a pack of Camels capable of holding thousands of pieces of music, along with talking picture books that hold the equivalent of the Library of Congress. Homes everywhere are equipped with personal computers that with a tap of a key can put you in direct contact with anyone in the world. I can come home tired from work and as soon as I walk into the house I can sit down and with the push of a button access the latest breaking news anywhere across the globe. And if I’m too busy in the kitchen cooking my complete thirty-second dinner in my “radar wave” oven to watch the news, I can store it on a disk for later viewing. This is just a small slice of the science fiction world we live in. But also in our science fiction world we’ve virtually eliminated most old world diseases but with the world’s population now growing so large there is a daily fear of some of em coming back. Because even though the world is rich with bright new inventions and higher standards of living, third world countries are still the same as they ever were. Poor and impoverished. Even in the United States people are dying from hunger and disease because the split between the social classes are becoming greater and greater and the politico’s give a shit less and less. And in the great metropolitan cities of the world to poorest Africa, multiple millions are dying each year from the Black Plague of the twenty-first century, a killer disease with no known cure called Aids. And in the United States and elsewhere the golden age has brought newer and more addictive drugs to enslave the population, stuff that in a matter of hours can turn even the healthiest man or woman into the undead. And the issues of the world are such that America has been attacked on it’s own soil and in the name of safety we’ve allowed Big Brother to take over our lives. These are just a few examples but shit it’s enough, and if this is the new golden age of science fiction then I’m about ready to turn the fucking movie off and head for the desert. "and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Nightmare said...

Thats why I want to buy an old missle silo so I can create a "Waco-esque" like Commune. 18 floors of pure bliss. At the bottom, the germ reserch facility, and water purifaction plant. Moving up to the greenhouse, and then the artisian quarters, blacksmith, scientists, wheelwrights and mechinics, armorers, and gunsmiths, then a ballroom/townhall, and above ground, a airstrip and 1000 acres of pasture for the cattle cause I need my beef.

To reserve your spot just send me a donation, and list of marketable skills and we'll get started.

Tell your friends!

6:26 PM  
Blogger sex scenes at starbucks said...

My groovy ole hippie teacher of Psych and Human Relations at Topeka HS actually did live in a missile silo. He was a believer that the end was forthcoming, and we loved it when he told us no matter how fond he was of us he'd blow our heads off if we tried to penetrate during an attack. Wonder if he still lives there?

7:21 PM  
Blogger Death said...

if this is the same guy I've seen interviewed on TV, yes he does still live there

8:59 PM  
Blogger Sivad said...

i know! can you believe that? i really don't understand how they couldn't have predicted an event of this magnitude. and we sit around thinking about how there's so much technology and big brother's watching. where was he when this happened? i'm like damn, can i get a warning if this is bout to happen near me?? scary

10:15 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Preach, brother, preach! Don't even get me started on how I think certain events were orchestrated purposefully to scare the population into accepting Big Brother with no questions asked!

10:20 AM  

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