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Monday, December 20

on the TV

Most people know that with the exception of breaking my foot off in it occasionally I’m not much into religion. But last night I found myself watching this show on the TV about the Da Vinci Code, and I found it to be some fascinating shit. To make it short, the Da Vinci Code deals with the theory that Mary Magdalene wasn’t just a “friend” of Jesus, but one of his Disciples and his wife to boot. And that she bore his child and the decedents of that child are still alive and living in Europe. And when the “Knights Templar” whom most know as the Knights of the Round Table were searching for the “Holy Grail” which supposedly was the cup Jesus used at the last Supper. Which if you read the Da Vinci Code gets mentioned because according to it the cat on Jesus’s immediate right, if you’re checking out the painting from the viewpoint of Jesus, the person on his right isn’t a man baby, but a woman. And not just any woman but Mary Magdalene! And of course we all know from Sunday school that not only did Jesus quaff his thirst and shit at the Last Supper using the Holy Grail, and the same Holy Grail was also used to catch the blood of Jesus during the Crucifixion. Now the Da Vinci Code says that the “Holy Grail” was in actuality Mary M herself, cause grail means vessel and according to the Da Vinci Code Mary was the holy vessel carrying the brood of Jesus and the Knights of Templar was there to protect the “holy” bloodline. And the story goes on and on and on and I just found it to be some very interesting shit to watch on the TV on a freezing cold Sunday night.
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Blogger Nightmare said...

I so totally belive that shit!

Way more believable then the acctual bible.! Especially since we know for a fact the Constantine, had the Bible re-wrote to help further his rule over the masses. And that is why when the Gnostic scrolls wer found in 1954 the church read them, knew that they were written at the same time but since they weren't the same orthodox views that they had already had in the St. James version, they were dismissed. But since you ahve already read the Da Vinci code, and probably knew most of this, and you watched the special......Yeah did I mention I get carried away with this religion stuff sometimes? Just ignore me, and I'll just sit here talking to myself, drinking rum.

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