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Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table: <strong>some questions answered!</strong>

Wednesday, December 15

some questions answered!

Erin said...
1. Name a person you admire and the reason why.
Malcolm X because he found out that he could change. My father because I he understood. And if you teach the baggy pants wearing stinkin assed kids, you have my admiration. A good teacher can make the difference between little Susie getting into collage or swinging the brass pole.

2. Do you really consider yourself to be sensitive and vulnerable?
I think I'm very sensitive and vulnerable, it's just a side I never show to people. I tend to keep my feelings to myself which is sometimes an issue with my close friends

3. You talk a lot about the physical aspect of women. Have the women you've dated been more stimulating physically or mentally?
I've been very fortunate to have known women who are deeply stimulating both in body and mind at the same time. Shit just happens that way. Plus there's nothing that turns me off quicker then a stupid chick or one who dumbs herself down. "No matter how big her rack is"

4. Name a book that inspired you, a celebrity you'd screw and the country you would live in if America expelled you.
I can't remember her name but do you remember the black chick that used to host the show on Comedy Central called Talk Soup? I'd fuck her like she owed me money. And if I had to pick another country to live in? Hmmm, New Zealand comes up first. Give me a minute or two on the book, but I bet it'd be a western.
5. Have you ever stolen anything? If so, what, how old were you and why?
I stole a watch from the drugstore when I was nine cause it seemed the thing to do. I got busted by the store manager and when my father who was a cop found out he set it up with the other cops to put my young ass into lockdown until he felt like coming to get me. I haven’t stolen shit since.

Rusty said...
7. Why are you scared of zombies???
I'm buying "Shaun Of The Dead" next week and me and Michelle are gonna make you watch it!!!!
fuck off Rusty, I'm not talking about that shit.

Sivad said...
8. Where do you get all the pictures? And why aren't any of them normal?
I get most of my pictures from Google and my blog isn't normal is it, so why should the pictures be?

9.what was it about buffy that made you such a big fan? It appears you talked about it all the time.
Most people think I watch Buffy because she’s this hot chick, but I just dig the whole ensemble thing. I also find the writing and storylines to be some of the best I’ve every seen, plus the concept of people fighting demons whilst dealing with their everyday life shit fascinates me

10.what do you do for a living? or where did you go to school? (tryin to piece together how your brain might work) are you a techie (science/math) or sociology/psych/etc?
All I'll say is that I work for a government agency powerful enough to declare martial law if needed. If I lived in Chicago I'd work on the 500 block of South Clark St. And as far as school I'm afraid the ole high school diploma is the best I got. I think I get my particular mindset from a combination of things. From being very well read to twenty years of bouncing in bars to being in the music business. Plus working for whom I work for doesn’t hurt either or the fact that I'm a self confessed freak of the "old school variety".

11.what's with "and the monkey flipped the switch"
Ever see the remake of "Lost in space" that came out a few years ago, and the cat from Friends who so-starred in the movie and was so pissed that he had to fly the spaceship? And when he got ready to launch the ship he said in a real sarcastic voice; "and the monkey flipped the switch". I always dug the meaning behind that.

Joe Miller said...
12. Where did you go to high school?
SouthEast High School next to Swope Park. "Home of the Black Knights".

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erin said...
1. Name a person you admire and the reason why.

And if you teach the baggy pants wearing stinkin assed kids, you have my admiration. A good teacher can make the difference between little Susie getting into collage or swinging the brass pole.

Could you clarify the teacher part - does a good teacher get little Susie into college, does a good teacher get her swinging the brass pole, or both? I think you meant both, or either, but your post implies college over the pole. And I suspect that's not what you meant. K Sose

7:01 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

I love it! Your answers were honest and might have (horrors of horrors!) revealed your sensitive and vulnerable side. Fear not, I have the same problem. Although I mask it very well by talking a lot and being a good listener. Pretty soon people think you're a really open person. All because you listen and rehash their problems, lol.

I really liked the meaning behind "and the monkey flipped the switch." I couldn't bring myself to watch the remake since I was such a big fan of Lost in Space. Which I now realize was one of the cheapest shows ever made, but hey! I was young. Let's just pray they don't destroy Fat Albert.

Oh, and you know you have to give us bloggers a heads up before martial law becomes less of a joke and more of a reality, right? Right? Is this bugged? LOL.

12:07 AM  
Blogger Sivad said...

the lady from talk soup is Aisha Tyler.
awww, that was too funny about your very own "Scared Straight" experience. luckily, my own father never did that to me. i was always intimidated by him in general.

10:52 AM  

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