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Thursday, December 30

talkin out'a my ass or the line starts here
I’m having issue with a few things and one of em is a very sensitive subject, and the subject of question is the subject of charity. And I want you all to read my following words very carefully so that you understand what the fuck I’m saying. I don’t have a problem with charity, I think charity is a good thing and I’m glad that Americans are so giving and all that good shit. With the horrific shit going on in Asia and with the death count now approaching the one hundred and twenty thousand mark, those people will need every ounce of help being offered.

But first off let’s put shit in perspective. Like I said the Asian death count stands right now at around the one hundred twenty thousand mark, that’s pretty much the population of Topeka, Kansas. So imagine driving to Topeka, the state capital of Kansas and finding every man, woman, and child dead in the streets. Got that picture in your heads? Ok? So giving aid isn’t the question, but moving on.

The United States has more or less committed to an initial pledge of thirty-five million dollars as part of an international coalition of nations coming together to help offer aid. And I’m all cool with that because we as Americans are supposed to take the lead in shit like this if for no better reason than that we’re Americans.
But here’s the problem I’m having with shit. Every time we turn on the news or read the paper we hear about the government cutting this program or slashing the funding to this or that. Usually some social program set up on a national level to help the poor and disadvantaged in our own country. The President or one of his boy’s gets on the air telling us that the coffers are almost empty and with a war going on we need to tighten our belts and shit. And so with the stroke of a pen the poor and disadvantaged are kicked to the curb again.

And on a local level the push for international aid is picking up speed with everyone from musicians to charities getting together to send any buck they can bring in to the victims of the tsunamis. Somewhere in somebody’s bar or club, bands will gather to rock out for the victims and any proceeds they make will go to help. And even country clubs will hold events catering to the well heeled in an effort to raise funds to help out. And I’m fine with that, cool, no problem, shit’s all good to go.

But as a person that gives a portion of his paycheck every payday to various charities I wanna ask. What the fuck’s up? As a nation we’re always helping out some muthafucker’s overseas and shit to the tune of millions, but here in our own country we got kids starving and living on the fucking street. Where’s their fucking aid? What? Oh, you cut it due to lack of funding. Our public schools suck and the teacher’s are underpaid and the students that do make the effort to learn and get into college can’t. Why? Because programs put in place to help em were cut by the fucking broke-assed government. The same government that’ll pony up billons of dollars for bombs and pay muthafuckers fifteen million plus change to nark out wanted terrorists. The same government that’s all about big business but fuck the little man cause who gives a shit, but hey, here’s thirty million to help folks halfway across the world.

And you know what? There’s more coming when that runs out cause in the big assed fuckin scheme of international shit, thirty million ain’t shit.

And as far as local shit’s concerned, where are you muthafucker’s year around? Local charities are getting their asses kicked most of the year but unless it seems the “cool” or “in” thing to do, or fuckin Christmas, shit doesn’t get done. What? I said there’s no love unless it’s the cool thing to do. Ok, I need to stop before I get all confused, but all I’m saying is before we fix some other muthafucker’s shit maybe we need to fix our own shit first. We got Americans dying by the thousands every year because there’s no aid. So while helping them across the world help themselves, don’t forget to help our own.
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Blogger Nightmare said...

You are 100% right on the muthafucking money!! I think that every single time we send money to help out some poor afflicted country that we either blew up of mother nature took out with a shit storm of some kind we should match that number with in state funds!

If we give asia 30 Mil we should give an american program 30 mil. If we send over workers and troops to rebuild a country, Missouri should have better fucking highways!

If we spend as much as we send maybe there wouldn't be as much shit getting cut.

I fucking hate goverenment.

every politician should die of syphlis and rot in hell.

12:40 PM  
Blogger me said...

Yeah, I would LOVE to send something to help someone out over there, but with my shitty teacher's salary and having to fork over so much money for mine and my kids' school, it's not possible. Starving children? That would be mine...homeless?? ALMOST mother fuckers, one paycheck can make or break me. One missed child support payment can make or break me. And I just got booted off of MC+ because I "make too much money". What the fuck?? Where the fuck is all this money I supposedly make?? Of course, they go off of gross income, so by the time Uncle Sam has his cut, I bring home about a fucking $1, $2 if they are feeling generous, and for all that money they are taking out, you know what I'll get in return......NO RETIREMENT OR SOCIAL SECURITY when I'm old and needy. Shit isn't right.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Reza said...

I am in full agreeance with you. Like you said all year round folks wanna act like their wallet is on life support and then BAM! a natural catastrophe happens on the other side of the world and now folks are feeling all charitable and stuff.

My mama always told me charity begins at home. I feel for those people, I really and honestly do. I can't imagine my whole world literally being washed away. However, there are people right over here in your backyard who haven't shit in a long while and nobody's done anything to help them.

I hope that these same folks will realize that charity isn't a one time event and should be something that goes on everyday.

Oh, yeah and I love your site.......

4:07 PM  
Blogger Bryan said...

Amen to that Brother!!!!! I say fuck the world that hates us and let us tale all that overseas' money (not the current Asian aid but the budgeted shit we give year after year) and spend it here at home.

Clean up your own backyard before you go down the block to rake leaves.....


8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and what about me Muther Fers. Where was the help when I needed it? I'll tell you where it wasn't some major company was renting public lands that my government owns for real cheap fucking it up and then my taxes go to fix the shit on my dime!

10:04 PM  
Blogger Sivad said...

you are so very right. i ask the same questions all the time and it's one of those concepts about america that i really have trouble grasping. how come we can't fix our own shit first? which is probably impossible, but cutting funds and dropping programs while we donate millions to other countries.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheri was right... you and I do think on the same lines. Good to know I'm not the only person that's been wondering about this. Kel

8:57 PM  
Blogger Josh Rosenau said...

I don't disagree with your argument, but I think someone could easily come away with the wrong idea. I just did a longish post on this, but here's the conclusion I reached:

Progressives and pissed off bastards alike need to get out the message that every dollar coming from Medicaid or CHIPS or Social Security is a crisis.

11:21 AM  

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