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Thursday, December 16


Last night Tony Ortega, Managing Editor of the Pitch Magazine invited all the local Kansas City bloggers downtown to Jilly’s bar for a little get together. I was gonna give it a pass at first but Michelle convinced me that it wouldn’t kill me to socialize a bit and meet new people. So along with Rusty who blogs on “Planet Rusty” we showed up to see what kind of shit was going down. The first face I saw when we walked in was Tony’s who showed impeccable manners by taking us stright to the bar and setting us up with a couple of frosty cocktails. Gotta love that shit, no small talk, no bullshit, just a how are ya and here’s some drinks. It’s all about priorities. There was a nice crowd of folks there and once again Tony stepped up and did the introductions all around. I met quite a few people including Joe from “Kansas City Soil” and Josh who runs “Thoughts from Kansas” along with Pat who lords over KC Bloggers. I was even treated to a hug from Tony’s “too hot to look at in the direct light of day” wife. I was really surprised to find that I was enjoying myself in spite of myself……..if that makes any kind of fucking sense. Even the infamous Kiser Sose who doesn’t have a blogsite but spends his free time stalking mine came down to see what all the hoopla was all about. Every few minutes some other blogger would come up and introduce themselves and shake my hand and after visiting for a few someone else would take their place. After looking everyone over I commented aloud was I the only one that looks like his or her blog? Well Josh came in a close second cause he had that scholarly look going on but I definitely looked like a cat that had something called “Death’s Door”. Anyway, I had a good time and with the exception of using my “outside” voice a few times I behaved like a gentleman. So thanks to Tony Ortega and all the bloggers I met for making me feel like part of something.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Erin said...

Your "outside voice," LOL!! Now what would your mama think about that?

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