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Sunday, January 2

out with the old

I don't know about you guy's but I'm so fucking glad the holiday season's over. I survived my birthday, Christmas and the New Years fairly unscathed and for that I'm thankful, But I sure hope the upcoming year turns out better cause the old one ended up on a suck note. New Years I spent the evening at the Hurricane in Westport figuring I'd stay close to home and end the year around some familiar faces. I walk into the bar and immediately get the bum's rush of bad news. First off I found out one of my female friends got her ass mugged the prior night. Luckily she came out of it fine, the crackhead cocksucker got away with only her purse and she actually ended up chasing his ass for as long as she could. But ain't too many things that can catch up with a crackhead with his run on. Then I found out that Mito's cat died earlier that day. That hit me really hard because they've been together for years plus I knew the cat to boot. And I don't care what people say, losing a pet that you've loved and doted on is like losing a family member. So I'm sitting on the couch digesting all this bad news and one of the girls hands the bar phone to me. It was my sister asking me if I knew where our aged mother was. It seems that my sister came home from doing some errands and my mother's car was sitting in the driveway instead of the garage and she was nowhere to be found. I tell my sister to call a couple of people to see if our mother's with them and to call me right back. But after a while I get antsy and call my sister only to get no answer, I call my mother's only to get no answer. Now I'm about ready to get in the fucking car and go over to see what the fuck is happening when the phone gets handed to me again. It's my sister telling me that my mother was at dinner with some folks but suddenly my mother gets on the phone and asks me what's up, and that she's been there all along. To make a long story shot, it seems that my mother and sister decided to pull a practical joke on me by getting me to think my mother was missing. Ha ha my ass. That almost got em both cussed out, my sense of humor only extends so far and doesn't include my mother. I told my mother today not to go crying wolf to often, cause one of these day's she's gonna call cause her old ass has fallen and can't get up and I'm gonna roll over and go back to sleep. But that along with the bad news kind'a dampened my festive spirits and I wasn't the social butterfly I wanted to be that night. But the bar got fuller then a muthafucker with old friends and I ended up having a good time. I even got to meet a blogger who came in from out of town to hang out. Stacey who writes on "Warm Tight & Wet" came down with her friend Casey, and both women were not only very cool but extremely lovely as well. I'm just so happy that a chick with a blogsite called "Warm Tight & Wet" is hot looking. So we talked and hung out till my drunk-o meter went off and I knew it was time to go home.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, no more missing widow pranks - ever - we promise......
so says the sister.....

4:09 PM  
Blogger me said...

Aww, thanks Greg!!! You are tooooooooo sweet! Did you get the pictures from that night? I sent them to your email earlier today, if not let me know and I'll send again!

So I'm a hot chick? WooHoo!!!! Happy New Year to me, that just made my day!


7:05 PM  
Blogger your brother said...

What the flying fuck is that thing?? a poodle on a acid trip? A cat that smoked some bad crack? WTF is it!

8:24 PM  

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