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Monday, February 7

black black black black black

a little black in ya couldn't hurt hahahahahahaha!
The other night Michelle and I were watching this Vin Diesel movie and the question of his family came up. So Michelle went over to the computer and googled his ass and found out that he’s half Italian and shit. That’s cool I said, he’s black, but Michelle argued that no, he’s half Italian. So I had to explain to her how shit worked with black folk, you got Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Beals, and even Prince amongst others who have said in their press releases and shit that they are this or that or whatever, anything but Black. But to the black community as a whole these muthafucker’s are seen and embraced as black. Even Michael Jackson is embraced as black.

Now, I’m not getting on their ass for that because any muthafucker knows the stigma America puts on shit. "Well Bob, how you gonna act casting a black man as Kojack, you know that shit won't fly. What, he's only half black? Bring em on board then" (little inside humor here)And if you come out of the gate declaring shit, you might be, “put into the box”, and end up being pigeonholed, which are actually one and the same, but that’s not important here. What I’m saying is that these folks are viewed among the black community as “Black”, no matter what they may say they are, but nothing heavy here, just what I think. And please call me Black, not African-American.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And please call me Black, not African-American."

Just curious, what is your reason for preferring one over the other?


9:33 PM  
Blogger Death said...

I would guess it’s mostly due to my age. I’m a child of the late sixties and the seventies and I’m black and I’m proud is what I heard in those days. Plus I was born in America, not Africa, and I feel to call myself an African-American, is perpetrating an untruth. If folks today want to refer to themselves as African-Americans that’s all fine and good. Call yourselves what you want, but as far as I’m concerned, I was born Black, raised Black, and will die Black. Plus, doesn’t “Black Man” roll off the tongue better?

10:07 PM  

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