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Wednesday, February 2

rare indeed

we're so confused and shit
I ain’t sayin a goddamn thing, for one, I’m not Jewish so who am I to question their shit, but damn!

In New York City, health officials are investigating the death of a baby boy who was one of three infants to contract herpes after a rabbi circumcised them. Ten days after Rabbi Yitzhok Fischer performed religious circumcisions on twins last October, one died of herpes and the other tested positive for the virus, according to complaint filed by the health department in Manhattan Supreme Court. The complaint, reported in Wednesday's edition of the New York Daily News, also said health officials later found a third baby who had contracted herpes after being circumcised by Fischer in late 2003.
Under Jewish law, a mohel, "someone who performs circumcisions" draws blood from the circumcision wound. Most mohels do it by hand, but Fischer uses a rare practice where he uses his mouth.
"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger me said...

WHAT THE.........Oh what a sick mother fucker!!!

4:13 PM  
Blogger Sid said...

oh my...
what the...


1. Um, why would you, oh, ewwwwww, i can't even write it!
2. WHY WOULD YOU DO IT IF YOU HAVE FUCKING HERPES MOTHERFUCKER!!!! THAT SHIT DON'T JUST CREEP UP ON YA! Or does it? I dunno, I figured he would maybe be aware of the herpes.
that is all.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Sivad said...

ewww, ewww, ewww! that is soo gross

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greg either somebody's pulling your chain, or your gearing up for April Fools already. Im not talking about the herpes thing, but the whole story. I mean poor baby boy death by a blow-job?
Billy Smith expert tree climber

7:16 AM  
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