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Thursday, March 31

flame on

I see that Terri Schiavo had the audacity to die today killing the buzz for all the protesters down in Florida. But now that she is I can go ahead and get some shit off my chest that’s been fuckin with me. But first things first, my condolences go out to both sides of the family, because I don’t see a right or wrong here. The husband just wanted to do what he thought was right for his wife and the parents as with all parents wanted to what was right for their daughter. The only wrong here was that shit outgrew all of em until it went from being a private issue betwixt the family to this giant multi-headed Hydra that loomed over everything. Shit turned into this thing that had all the elements of some bizarre three-ring circus that had everything from assholish ringmasters to clowns running around.

And you know what it was about all this bullshit that really bothered me and made my skin crawl? I mean besides the really really stupid people talkin out’a the middle of their asses. It was that picture of Terri taken sometime after her collapse that every newscast used whenever she was mentioned. The one done where and I don’t know if they actually did this or photoshopped it, But the picture where Terri’s wearing fuckin makeup with her heavily lipsticked mouth gaped all open and shit. That one picture I kept seeing every time I turned on the stinkin news never failed to put things into its proper perspective for me. Here’s a woman lying brain-dead in a hospice, and yes I said brain-dead. And someone’s taken her and whored her face up for the fuckin media to make her more appealing and acceptable. Why, to suit their own agenda? Fuckin hypocritical cocksuckers.

Thank god Terri was brain-dead so she didn’t have to see the Roman spectacle that her life had turned into. If you want to protest shit, protest her being paraded thru congress and the stinkin media like she was. Protest the fact that the hospice was full of “other” terminally ill patients that were forced to put up with all the crap going on just outside their windows. Did anyone protesting outside even think of what affect that had on them?
"I’m dyin here.....I’m dyin here.....I’m dyin here.....what the fuck’s up with all the light’s and noise outside? Can’t a muthafucker die in peace around here?"
Protest about the grade school next door to the hospice that had to shut down because of all the crap going on. Protest the fact that with the exception of Jeb Bush, who apparently understood his role, big government got involved in something that it never should have. Protest all the fuckin kids starving, who live in the richest country in the goddamned world. Protest the fact that shit’s so wrong that kids are running around knocking off each other in the fuckin schools. Join PETA and throw your stupid ass in front of the Harp seals being knocked off in Canada. Yeah, I wanna see a muthafucker trying to tell some busted ass fishermen that instead of providing food for their family’s, lets save a seal. Protest the fact that Florida seems to have this thing for attracting extremely stupid people with nothing better to do then bitch about the life quality of a chick whose brain has less substance than a bucket of oatmeal. Pun intended.

"and the monkey flipped the switch"


Blogger Nightmare said...

Finally a voice of reason in a sea of fucking retardation.

I am standing next to on this topic and if anyone wants to pass on to the next fucking stupid idea to protest, turn it into a spectecal, or basically make the slowest news month of the year a world wide topic, well they have to fight through me, giant white guy with anger management problems, and you a giant black man with anger management problems.

Who's fucking first?

4:13 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

I'm just some girl with big boobs and a butt to match but whatever yall leave will have to get through me, because I said my peace a long time ago.. the gov't has no right being bioethicists, and those activists are the equivalent of political groupies who hop in the sack with whatever might get their faces on CNN for the day.
Now let's go get Bill O`Reilly for this comment that it's no coincidence that Terri and the Pope are dying within days of each other. What's he trying to say with that, anyway?

11:36 PM  
Blogger satyavati said...

Oh.. Greg.. that's an old picture of Terri, btw.. probably several years old now. It doesn't change things really, but they might have just done her up for a day out.. it wasn't like they did it for the media recently.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Berry said...

Greg, I'm just waiting to read how you REALLY feel about this issue. Great post man. Lots of good points.

8:05 AM  

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